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Bestech Australia presents scanCONTROL 2810 High-speed Laser Profile Sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Germany. These laser sensors detect beads and grooves and compute their characteristic dimensions inside the controller. These systems evaluate measurements taken and provide control signals via analogue and digital outputs.

These laser profile sensors make use of the triangulation principle for the 2D acquisition of a profile on various target surfaces. Unlike point laser sensors, here a static laser line is projected onto the surface of the target object. A CMOS array picks up the diffuse reflected light from this laser line and the controller computes the profile data. 

scanCONTROL 2810 Laser Profile Sensors have a high measuring rate of 256,000 measurement points/s, which can significantly increase cycle time in real time quality inspection or online process guidance. Depending on the resolution and size of the measurement range, a profile frequency of up to 4,000 profiles/s can be attained.

scanCONTROL 2810 Sensors are specially developed for measurements on beads (bulges, bumps) or grooves (indentations, gaps). They operate in stationary mode or scanning mode, where they are used in conjunction with a motion control device or a robot. Example applications include inspection of welding beads, gap width and depth, edge detection and angle measurement.

The parameterisation software facilitates flexible adjustment to various test criteria and target conditions, which are then saved in the controller. It gives a graphical view of the profile to take measurements from, eg: gap width. These laser profile sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.

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