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Hermetically Sealed Linear Position Sensors Ideal for Test and Automation Applications

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Bestech Australia  presents the HSD and HSDR 750 series of ¾-inch (19mm) diameter DC-operated LVDTs from American company Macrosensors.

These linear position sensor devices are constructed entirely of stainless steel and hermetically sealed to make them impervious to dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements.

The hermetically sealed linear position sensors are highly rugged units, ideal for use in automatic assembly equipment and other industrial applications with hostile conditions and corrosive environments.

The coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68 and electrical termination is through a sealed axial (HSD) or radial (HSDR) connector.

The radial connector results in a through-bore design, which permits access to either or both ends of the LVDT’s core for better mechanical support and core guidance as well as easier cleanout in dusty or dirty locations.

It also results in a shorter installed length compared to the units with axial connectors. The mating connector plug is supplied with the unit.

These linear position sensors use built-in electronics to provide the desirable features of an LVDT, such as frictionless operation and dynamic response with the added convenience and simplicity of DC input and pre-calibrated DC output.

The LVDTs feature the high resolution, excellent repeatability and low hysteresis associated with LVDT technology, and the maximum linearity error is ±0.25% for these sensors.

Operating from ±15V DC input, the hermetically sealed linear position sensors offer a pre-calibrated 0 to ±10V DC output that is ideal for easy integration with PLCs, digital indicators, A/D converters, computer-based data processors and QC data collection systems.

Customisation of these LVDT position sensors is also possible with options including Teflon® bore liners and metric threaded cores as well as smaller diameters and low mass cores.

Mounting accessories, core extension rods and DC power supplies are also available from Bestech Australia.  

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