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FiberSensing fibre optic accelerometers from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia presents the FS 6500 Fiber Bragg Grating accelerometers from FiberSensing.  

The single axis FBG accelerometers are a fibre optic version of conventional accelerometers but are completely passive, offering inherent insensitivity to environment-induced noise.  

The FS 6500 FBG accelerometers are specifically tailored for applications requiring the measurement of low frequency and small amplitude accelerations. The accelerometers combine compact size and high resistance to corrosion and harsh environments with long-term reliability.  

Designed to allow outdoor installation under severe conditions and with no extra protection, the fibre optic accelerometers feature a robust design with the sensor meeting IP68 protection standards.  

The fibre optic accelerometers are ideal for remote sensing with the device being able to locate the sensor several kilometres away from the measurement unit.  

The accelerometer also offers intrinsic multiplex capability that allows the concatenation of a large number of sensors in a single optical fibre, making the FS 6500 particularly suitable for difficult-to-reach locations and large scale sensing networks.  

Accessories allow a compact in-series mounting of 2-3 accelerometers in transversal directions for simultaneous vibration measurement along multiple axes.  

Key features of the FS 6500 FBG accelerometers:  

  • Robust construction with an aluminium case and input and output fibre optic armour cables 
  • Provides high accuracy and high resolution measurements 
  • Total fibre optic design ensures intrinsic immunity to electric sparks and EMI/RFI and no ignition risk 
  • Offers high sensitivity and linearity as well as flat frequency response and low transverse sensitivity 
  • Suitable for diverse monitoring applications such as ambient vibration monitoring of civil structures 
  • Compatible with most standard FBG measurement units 
  • Suitable for remote sensing applications 

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