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Bestech Australia  introduces a new range of leak and flow test instruments developed by Furness Controls for in-line production testing.

The new FCO752 in-line production flowmeters are a range of leak and flow testers that utilise the well proven capacitive differential pressure sensor technology developed by Furness Controls, and which is also at the core of all of their instruments including pressure decay leak testers, ultra low pressure transmitters as well as high precision calibration and low pressure and flow testing instruments.

FCO752 flowmeters measure the flow rates of air or various gases through high volume production products such as exhaust systems, laser drillings, medical devices, appliances, gas heaters, boilers, castings, fuel pumps and fuel lines.

Each FCO752 flow tester measures and compares two fundamental parameters essential to determining the PASS or FAIL status of the product to be tested. The specified minimum and maximum flow rates for the particular product to be tested determine which Furness laminar flow element is selected from a series of 11 such elements covering full scale flow ranges from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min. Integral pressure regulators including an automatic regulator option enable full scale test pressure ranges from ±0.2kPa to +1.4MPa.

Key features of FCO752 in-line production flowmeters:

  • Automatic pressure and temperature compensation provided as standard
  • Internal memory for up to 300 discrete user setting test ‘recipes’
  • Detection of leaks, partial blockage, and cross sectional area testing enabled
  • Test progress displayed in graphic and/or alphanumeric form on the front panel
  • PASS and FAIL test status and other conditions indicated on the front panel at the end of each test by discrete red and green indicator lamps
  • Communications with PLCs, PCs and industry standard digital networks available via the back panel
  • PNP and NPN logic signals for direct jig and/or PLC interface control
Bestech provides complete back-up support for the new FCO752 in-line production flow meters including traceable calibration and maintenance.

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