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Endevco high temperature radiation tested PE accelerometers from Bestech Australia

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The Endevco 7703A series high-temperature radiation tested piezoelectric accelerometers available from Bestech Australia are designed for general vibration measurements on structures and objects, particularly within nuclear environments.

Available in ranges of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 1000 pC/g, the model 7703A series radiation tested PE accelerometers feature a 10-32 side connector and highly stable shear mode construction, offering low base strain sensitivity, high resonance frequency, insensitivity to thermal transients and excellent output stability over time.

The 1000 pC/g PE accelerometers are ideal for high-sensitivity, high-output applications with low vibration inputs. Additional applications include modal measurements on larger structures and objects, engine testing, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, nuclear power plant pipeline and valve vibration monitoring as well as aerospace metallurgy and automotive metrology.

Both 50 and 100 pC/g series ranges are well-suited for nuclear environments because of their high sensitivity and 108 Rad Integrated Gamma Flux radiation rating (Integrated Neutron Flux of up to 1010 N/cm²), with triaxial mounting capabilities for vibration measurements across three orthogonal axes (via optional triaxial mounting block model 2950A).

Tested in a radiation environment of up to 108 Rad, the PE accelerometers are temperature compensated to +288ºC.

Key features of Model 7703A series radiation tested PE accelerometers:

  • Ground isolated to prevent EMI/ground loop interference
  • Hermetically sealed to avoid external contamination
  • Self-generating piezoelectric sensor does not require external power for operation
  • 10-foot high temperature cable assembly and 10-32 mounting stud supplied for easy installation and error-free operation
  • Comprehensive 5-year product warranty
Recommended optional accessories:
  • Model 133 three-channel piezoelectric signal conditioner
  • Model 2771C in-line charge converter
  • Model 2775B signal conditioner
  • Model 6634C vibration amplifier
  • Model 4990A-X Oasis 2000 computer-controlled system
Endevco piezoelectric accelerometers are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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