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Endevco 7290E low range capacitive accelerometer from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  offers the Endevco 7290E low range accelerometers that utilise unique capacitive microsensors to measure relatively low acceleration following extremes of shock experienced in aerospace, automotive and test sled applications.

Endevco 7290E accelerometers find application in the measurement of whole body motion immediately after the accelerometer is subjected to shock motion, and where severe vibrational inputs are expected. The internal gas damping and the over-range stops inherent in the design of the microsensors allow Endevco 7290E capacitive accelerometers to withstand such applications. State-of-the-art digital temperature compensated electronics enable precise compensation for a wide temperature range.

Two input voltage choices further expand the application of Endevco 7290E accelerometers, and in particular automotive testing, i.e. Option (R) for 9.5 to 18Vdc, and Option (U) for 12.5 to 36Vdc. All 7290E accelerometers have a single ended output signal of 0.5 to 4.5 V with 2.5V of bias, and a DC coupled differential output of ±2 V.

Frequency response is controlled by the near-critically damped sensors, and the use of gas damping, which results in very small thermally induced changes in frequency response. The Endevco 136 or 436 three channel signal conditioning and power supply units are recommended for use with the 7290E capacitive accelerometer series.

Key features of Endevco 7290E low range capacitive accelerometers:

  • Available in 7 ranges from ±2g to ±150g
  • Sensitivity for ±2g is 1000mV/g, and ±150g range is nominally 13.2mV/g
  • Frequency response is 0-15Hz for the ±2g range, to 2kHz for the ±150g range
  • Combined non-linearity and hysteresis is nominally ±0.2% FSO for low to mid ranges, and ±1.0% for the higher ranges
  • Anodised aluminium case measures 21.6mm H x 25.4mm L x 7.6mm W
  • Electrical connection made via integral 4 conductor shielded Teflon sheathed cable
Bestech Australia offers technical support and advice as well as pre- and post-sales support for all Endevco accelerometers.

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