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Endevco 2225 and 2225M5A piezoelectric accelerometers available from Bestech

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Now available from Bestech Australia , the lightweight Endevco model 2225 and 2225M5A piezoelectric accelerometers are designed specifically for measuring high G shock on structures and test articles and are considered by many users to be the industry standard for shock testing.

The model 2225 is attached to the subject of the test by a stud threaded into a 10-32 threaded bore, while the model 2225M5A has a 1/4-28 threaded bore for additional mounting security in very high G shock applications.

The 2225 series piezoelectric accelerometers are self generating devices that require no external power source for operation. A charge amplifier is essential with each accelerometer and Bestech Australia can supply a choice of suitable amplifier to match the application.

Both the 2225 and 2225M5A models are based on Endevco’s Piezite type P-8 and P-10 crystal elements, respectively, that operate in annular shear mode. These specially designed crystals exhibit low base strain sensitivity, high resonance frequency, and excellent output stability over time.

Signal ground is connected to the outer case of these accelerometers, and both models feature a 10-32 threaded electrical output signal connector.

A low-noise coaxial cable with a mating connector is also supplied with each accelerometer for error-free operation.

Applications for the 2225 series piezoelectric accelerometers include:

  • drop and impact testing
  • packaging tests
  • automotive crash tests
  • aerospace and aeronautical equipment tests
  • material tests
  • adhesive tests;
  • and many other similar tests where analysis of impact and high G force applied to product is required.
The principal dynamic characteristics of the Endevco 2225 series accelerometers are:
  • Charge sensitivity: Model 2225 Typical & minimum: 0.75 / 0.60 pC/g
  • Model 2225M5A: Typical & minimum: 0.025 / 0.020 pC/g
  • Resonance frequency: Model 2225:100 kHz / Model 2225M5A: 80 kHz
  • Sinusoidal vibration limit: 2225: 10kg/peak (both models)
  • Shock limit: Model 2225: 20,000 g peak Model 2225M5A: 100,000 g peak
  • Dimensions: HEX base: 14.2mm AF X 16.3mm height, not including mating connector
  • Weight : 13g.
Each Endevco 2225 piezoelectric accelerometer is supplied with a 3m cable assembly and a 10-32 threaded mounting stud as standard. Additionally, the 2225M5A is supplied with an adaptor stud.

Optional accessories for both the Endevco 2225 and the 2225M5A include the Endevco 2771AM3 In-line charge convertor for use with a constant current source, as well as a triaxial mounting block.

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