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Bestech Australia  present the L Series of electrolytic tilt or angle sensors from Spectron Glass and Electronics. These sensors are suitable for high accuracy or wide angular range measurements. Each handcrafted glass sensor is manufactured to exacting specifications and quality standards. These electrolytic tilt sensors have applications in many industries including construction, industrial, aerospace, geotechnical and photonics.

The L series of electrolytic tilt sensors have vast linear measurement ranges, up to ±80 degrees. Linearity is approximately one degree at full scale and 0.4 degrees at half scale. Resolution is 30 arc seconds and there is a null repeatability of 0.01 degrees.

The L series of electrolytic tilt sensors also incorporate a specially designed dampening orifice, which attenuates output variations during rapid angular input changes. By combining the proper viscosity electrolyte with this unique feature, superior performance can be achieved in virtually any static or dynamic application.

The L series electrolytic tilt sensors have compact size, and are available pre-mounted in a variety of precision machined aluminium housings, for both single and dual axis versions. The sensing element is encased in silicon rubber, which seals the sensor from moisture ingression, and helps prevent null drift by insulating the sensor from steep temperature gradients. The housings not only promote ease of handling, but also protect these highly sensitive electrolytic tilt sensors from potentially hostile environments.

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