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Bestech Australia  introduces a new range of high resolution eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon of Germany.  

The eddyNCDT 3700 non-contact eddy current displacement and position measurement system can measure to a linearity of 0.0025mm and resolution of only 0.009µm.  

The eddy current displacement sensors are specially developed for applications that require very high resolution.  

Featuring a miniaturised design, the eddy current sensors are ideal for OEM applications.  

The non-contact displacement sensors measure against electrically conductive, non-ferromagnetic materials.  

Eddy currents induced in the target material cause the impedance of a coil in the sensor to change. This impedance change, which is proportional to distance is measured by the system.  

Eddy current displacement sensors find use in production systems for machine monitoring as a customised system for OEM applications.  

Key applications include positioning in semiconductor manufacture, positioning of the optical system in microscopes and telescopes, air-gap monitoring in magnetic bearings and spindle movement in machine tools.  

Measuring ranges vary from 0.5mm to 6mm, while linearity is ±5% FSO and resolution is 0.000018% FSO.  

Due to the high repeatability, the system can be further optimised by computed linearization. The standard signal output is 0-10 VDC but other analogue signals are also available on request.  

Bestech Australia supplies the eddy current displacement sensors in Australia and New Zealand.

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