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Draw-wire sensors for the testing of wind turbine rotor blades

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Micro-Epsilon’s draw-wire position sensors, which are available from Bestech Australia, are being used in the testing of wind turbine rotor blades at the new Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES.

The test rig used is designed for rotor blades with a maximum length of 70m. The rotor blade distortion due to wind loads is simulated with this rig, as shown in the photo, and the tip of the rotor blade can be distorted by up to 10m due to mechanical loads. The rotor blade is mounted horizontally in the test rig for this. Steel cables are routed to the rotor using guide pulleys and attached to the rotor blade at various positions, either directly or via mechanical clamps.

Twelve draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used to measure the distortion. Mounted on the floor rails are two draw-wire sensors for each steel cable, which measure the movement and the distortion of the rotor blade. Micro-Epsilon’s wire SENSOR P115 series have measuring ranges of between 3m and 10m, which is suitable for this purpose, and operate with a digital signal output. The draw-wire sensors are particularly robust due to their aluminium housing and have a long useful life.

These draw-wire sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia .

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