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Bestech Australia  offers a wide range of draw wire displacement sensors, also known as pull wire or string pot. These draw wire displacement sensors are essentially electronic tape measures.

With the draw-wire principle, a linear movement is transformed into a rotary movement and converted into a resistance change or into countable increments.

The pull wire sensors measure the linear movement of a component by means of a wire made from highly-flexible stainless steel strands which is wound onto a drum by a long-life spring motor. The measuring drum is axially-coupled with a multi-turn potentiometer, an incremental encoder, or an absolute encoder.

For original equipment manufacturers of machines and systems these draw wire displacement transducers can be customised and adjusted for integration.

Characteristics of draw-wire sensors:

  • Measuring ranges up to 50,000 mm
  • Quasi-infinite resolution
  • Easy mounting for any application
  • High reliability and long life cycle
  • Analogue or digital output available

These draw wire sensors find application in lift-height measurement in fork-lift trucks, precision synchronised lifting system, vibration displacement measurement in road tests etc.

This pull wire sensor is available in Australia & New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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