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Displacement measurement system with sub-nanometre resolution

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Bestech Australia  now has a new system for measuring distances and displacements down to 70 picometres – approximately the amount of grass growth in one millisecond. And all of this is done with specialised capacitive sensors which are plugged into a technologically advanced controller, which has up to eight 8 channels. The capaNCDT 6500 displacement measurement system, from Micro-Epsilon, is designed for industrial use in production plants and for measuring and testing during in-process quality assurance.

Grass grows by approximately 80 picometres in one millisecond, whereas the documented resolution of the electronics in the laboratory is 70 picometres (70 x 10-12 m). This gives you an idea of the extremely high resolution achievable with this complex displacement measurement system.

As well as being able to measure standard distance measurements to an electrically conductive target (for example, a metal), this capacitive displacement measurement system is also able to measure accurately to insulators if a consistent relative dielectric property of the material is known. Also, the thickness of an insulator material can be determined with this high resolution capacitive technology.

Sensors can also be swapped easily without the need for recalibration. Replacing sensors with different measuring ranges and any capaNCDT controller is possible without the need of individual calibration and linearization.

The system is multi-channel with a graphical display to show important data about the selected measurement channel at any time. The high resolution capacitive measurement system has an integrated Ethernet port and can therefore be configured remotely in combination with the supplied software. The measurement data at the interface are available in digital form with genuine 21-bit resolution. The displacement measurement system also features an impressively high temperature stability and long service life.

This high resolution displacement measurement system is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.

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