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Digital accelerometer available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  has introduced a digital accelerometer from silicon designs of USA. This model 1010 is a low cost, integrated accelerometer for use in zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications.

The 1010 digital accelerometer is a hermetically sealed package and combines a micro-machined capacitive sense element and a custom integrated circuit that includes a sense amplifier and sigma-delta A/D converter. The 1010 digital accelerometer is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients.

The important features of this accelerometer are:

  • Sensor is capacitive micromachined, nitrogen damped, hermetically sealed
  • Full scale acceleration: ±2g to ±200g
  • Digital pulse density output
  • Responds to DC and AC acceleration
  • -55 to +125°C operation
  • +5 VDC, 2mA power (typical)
  • Integrated sensor and amplifier
  • LCC or J-lead surface mount package
  • Serialized for traceability
  • TTL/CMOS compatible
  • No external reference voltage
  • Easy interface to microprocessors
  • Good EMI resistance
  • Optional calibration test sheet which lists the measured bias, scale factor, linearity, operating current and frequency response.
This accelerometer finds application in,

  • Automotive: airbags, active suspension, adaptive brakes
  • Security system
  • Shipping recorders
  • Appliances
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Machine control
  • Modal analysis
  • Robotics
  • Crash testing
  • Instrumentation.

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