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DC-LVDT position sensors available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  present the DC750 series of DC-operated LVDTs from Macrosensors. These LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers) are designed for a wide range of position measurement applications.

DC-LVDT position sensors use built-in electronics to provide the desirable features of an AC-LVDT, such as frictionless operation and dynamic response, with the added convenience and simplicity of DC input and pre-calibrated DC output. These position sensors are designed to operate in conjunction with PLCs, digital indicators, A/D converters, computer-based data processors and QC data collection systems.

There are 11 standard measuring ranges in the DC-LVDT position sensors series, which range from 1.25mm to 250mm. Non-linearity for this position sensor is ±0.25% of the full scale output, and hysteresis and non-repeatability are both below 0.01% of the full scale output. The operating temperature is -20 to 70°C.

The DC-LVDT position sensor can survive shocks of 100g for 11ms and vibration of 20g to 2kHz. The stainless steel housing acts as a magnetic shield to reduce the effects of external AC magnetic fields, and the sealing meets IEC standard IP62.

The following are applications of DC-LVDT position sensors:

  • Machine tool positioning
  • Hydraulic cylinder and valve positioning
  • Materials testing extensometers

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