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Bestech Australia  presents Series 2401 confocal distance measurement sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Germany.

Confocal distance sensors find application in low range distance measurements and one-sided thickness measurements. The distance sensors can measure on shiny and transparent objects, and are ideal for precision measurement against diffuse and reflective materials such as film, liquid, glass, metal and polymer.

Functioning of confocal distance sensors

Poly-chromatic white light is focused onto the target surface by a multi-lens optical system. The lenses are arranged such that the white light is dispersed into a monochromatic light by controlled chromatic deviation.

A certain distance is assigned to each wavelength by a factory calibration. Only the wavelength that is exactly focused on the target is used for the measurement.

The light reflected from the target surface is passed via a confocal aperture to the receiver, which detects and processes the spectral changes.

Performance features

This unique measuring principle of the confocal distance sensors enables displacements and distances to be measured with the highest precision. Both diffuse and reflective surfaces can be measured in liquid or solid state.

With transparent materials such as glass and plastic, one-sided thickness measurement can be accomplished along with the distance measurement.

Shadowing is avoided since the emitter and receiver are arranged in one axis.

Key features

  • Standard measuring ranges: 0.12/ 0.4/ 1/ 3/ 10/ 24mm  
  • Unique miniature sensor heads with 4mm diameter are also available in a 90-degree side view version. Measuring ranges: 0.4/ 1.5/ 3.5/ 6.5mm
  • Linearity: <0.03% FSO
  • Extreme high resolution
  • Targets independent measurement
  • Tiny, constant measuring spot
  • No shadowing by directly reflected beam
  • One-sided thickness measurement
  • Operation in EX or vacuum environment possible
  • NO EMI or RF interference
  • MULTI peak measurement

This measurement technology is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.

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