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Compact barometric pressure sensor from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  has added a compact barometric pressure sensor to their range of ALMEMO products. The ALMEMO FDA612SA barometric pressure sensors are compatible with any of the ALMEMO MA range of digital display and data logging instruments.

The sensor can be applied anywhere that changes in barometric pressure affect processes and need adjustments. For example the measurement of air flow in air-conditioning ducts, food processes when food is subjected to partial vacuum, pharmaceutical production, packaging tests, clean room pressure control, and weather stations.

With a range of 700 to 1050 mBar (hPa), the ALMEMO FDA612SA barometric pressure sensor has an overload rating of 1.5x full range and a precision grade of ±0.5%FR.

Barometric measurements can begin as soon as the barometric pressure sensor is plugged in to the host MA instrument and calibrated. This is regardless of whether the instrument is one of the basic handheld, dual channel type or one of the multichannel, data acquisition bench mount instruments.

The FDA612SA includes memory for calibration and other data specific to the barometric pressure sensor much like other ALMEMO sensors. The FDA612A barometric pressure sensors can be supplied with an optional extension cable up to 4m if the user opts not to plug directly in to the MA instrument.

Bestech Australia provides application advice and post sales technical support for the FDA612SA barometric pressure sensors as well as all other ALMEMO instruments.

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