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Bestech Australia  presents TML’s KB range of civil engineering inclinometers for diverse applications in the building and construction industry.

These inclinometers are used for various applications including inclination measurement of structures built by urban civil engineering works, or measuring the shifting of land and displacement of retaining walls.

The standard models comprise of single and dual axis inclinometers for measuring the inclination of structures subject to strong impact or the inclination of piles when they are driven into the ground.

Inclinometers are available in easy-to-install models with external stoppers as well as models with excellent water-pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Also available is a high output version and models for measurement over long periods.

The multi-layer inclinometers are used to measure land shift and displacement of retaining walls.

Special guide pipes and relay rods are pre-installed perpendicular to structures and the inclinometers are installed and connected on different levels at multiple (up to 15) measuring points.

Automatic measurement and graphical slope monitoring is available with the TML data logger TDS-602. Biaxial models are also available.

Other models include an inclinometer that sits in a borehole, secured by grout, which is injected into the borehole and an insertion type inclinometer that uses guide pipes.

All inclinometers are constructed from stainless steel and have a protection rating of IP67 or IP68 depending on the model. Many accessories are also available for inclinometers, including guide pipes, cable holders, riveters and relay rods etc.

The entire range of civil engineering inclinometers can be found in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.

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