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CapaNCDT 6100 displacement transducer from Bestech Australia

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The CapaNCDT 6100, a precision non-contact capacitive displacement-measuring tool from Micro-Epsilon, is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia . The CapaNCDT 6100 measures the distance between the sensor and target surface to high accuracy based on the parallel plate capacitor. It is designed for industrial use in production plants and for quality assurance purposes. Vibration, amplitude, deflection, deformation and stroke are some of the measurements that can be taken.

Linearity of <0.1% can be achieved by the capacitive non-contact displacement transducer, down to ±0.2µm. The linear characteristic of the measurement signal is achieved without extra electronic linearization when measuring against targets made of electrically conductive materials. Due to the unique synchronization of two 6100 systems the target does not require electrical grounding, which can be very difficult or even impossible. Resolution of <0.015% can be achieved across different measuring ranges from 0.2 to 10mm.

The CapaNCDT 6100 displacement transducer can be operated under extreme temperatures up to 150ºC and down to -50ºC for sensors and cables. Power supplies of nine to 36V can be used, making the capaNCDT versatile. The system is factory calibrated and the sensors are interchangeable in the field without the need for recalibration. Not more than 5 seconds is needed for this simple process.

Advantages of this displacement transducer include:

  • Sensors are wear-free and maintenance free
  • Extreme temperature stability
  • Nanometre repeatability
  • Any conductive target

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