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Bestech Australia  has introduced the CBM series strain calibrator, a product of TML- Japan.

The CBM series strain calibrator is a highly stable strain calibrator used for checking the operation of strainmeters and switching boxes and calibrating their sensitivity.

The calibration signals are output from one generator of 100 ~ 900 x 10-6 and another of 1000 ~ 40000 x 10-6 and accumulation is possible.

Bridge resistance:

  • CBM-122A: 120(ohms) ± 1%
  • CBM-352A: 350(ohms) ± 1%

Applicable bridge configuration

  • Full bridge


  • Accuracy at 23±3°C (when using supplied input/output cable)
  • With DC bridge excitation ± (0.02% of setting + 0.2X10-6strain)
  • With AC bridge excitation ± (0.02% of setting + 0.5X10-6strain)


  • Stability on zero with full bridge ±0.8x 10-6strain/°C
  • Stability on calibration value: CBM-122A: ±9PPM/°C of setting, CBM-352A: ±6PPM/°C of setting


  • Wide calibration range (±100 ~ ±40000 x 10-6 strain)
  • ±100 ~ ±10000 x 10-6 strain can be set in 100 x 10-6 step
  • Can be used for both static strainmeters and dynamic strainmeters (with carrier frequency of less than 20kHz)

Other models for ¼, ¼ 3 wire and ½ bridge are also available.

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