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Bestech releases low vacuum pressure measurement transducers

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Bestech Australia introduces the Validyne P897V, a new test and measurement grade vacuum pressure transducer used for applications requiring high accuracy and excellent performance through environment temperature changes. 

Validyne P897V pressure transducers are ideal for low vacuum pressure measurement, automotive test cells and any high accuracy application. The robust design makes the device extremely versatile for use in diverse applications. 

The new range of pressure transducers from Bestech Australia is digitally compensated and corrected to ensure high accuracy pressure measurement. Featuring a useful cylindrical design, the device is capable of accurately measuring full scale vacuum ranges as low as 2.22 inch H2O. 

The P897V is designed for a wide variety of vacuum pressure measurements where a high resistance to vibration and superior stability is a necessity through the changing temperatures. The zero and full scale output calibrations are set by potentiometer adjustments easily accessed from the top cover of the transducer. 

The output signal for the P897V can be specified by the user and goes towards ±5 VDC and 4 – 20 mA as the vacuum increases. The device also boasts a low temperature error, and a 0.1% FS accuracy. The P897V has a standard six-pin Amphenol electrical connector. 

The P897V is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia. 

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