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Bestech offers Fujifilm Pressure Measuring Film to test Proper Sealing of Cylinder Head Gaskets

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Bestech Australia  supplies Fujifilm’s plastic pressure measuring film that can check for the proper sealing of gasket fittings by obtaining a pressure profile of the contact between the fitting and the cylinder head.

Fujifilm’s plastic pressure measuring film offers good resolution and easy-to-interpret visual results.

Red patches will appear on the film wherever contact pressure is applied and the colour density indicated will vary according to the differing contact pressure levels. The film is extremely thin yet stable at 200µm.

In addition to a simple comparative visual check for pressure distribution, the film image can be scanned onto a computer and the Prescale software can turn the colour densities into pressure values.

Parts of the image can be zoomed in on and the pressure values extracted by locating individual points with the crosshair.

The Prescale pressure measurement sheet is inserted between the cylinder block and cylinder head, detecting less-than-perfect sealing by observing the surface pressure distribution across the gasket.

To check for proper sealing, the gasket specimen is firstly made free from oil and dust on the surface in a 5°C to 35°C environment.

The pressure measurement sheet is then perforated to correspond to the bolt holes, and sheets are fitted to the upper and lower surfaces of the gasket.

The bolts and nuts are then tightened and left for 5 to 20 minutes, upon which the bolts are taken off and the pressure sheet taken out for analysis.

A visual inspection of pressure distribution can then be done, with the colour densities compared to a conversion sheet for approximate values or scanned for more accurate values.

This pressure measuring film can be used for diverse applications where pressures or pressure distribution values need to be obtained.

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