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Bestech develops concrete non-destructive compressometer

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A new compressometer available from Bestech Australia is designed to conduct strength tests on concrete.

Bestech Australia presents the CM compressometer from TML, Japan. Designed to measure the axial strain on a cylindrical concrete specimen placed in and secured by screws to its inner chamber, the compressometer uses a high-sensitivity strain gauge to take strain measurements, calculating the amount of strain as a numerical value by multiplying a measurement by a certain factor. 

Contrary to ordinary strain gauges, this compressometer is simple and easy to operate and can be used repeatedly. It cannot, however, be used to conduct breaking strength tests on concrete.

Breaking strength tests can be conducted with the CM-H model, a destructive compressometer, which measures the compression strain similarly to the CM, with a block 10cm in diameter and 20cm in length. Both the high-sensitivity strain gauge and cylindrical concrete specimen are provided with coverings to protect them from damage. This compressometer allows the strain on a wet concrete specimen, taken out right after underwater curing to be measured. 

Linked with the CLL-NA or CLH-MNA load meter, this compressometer can also be used to measure the modulus of static elasticity.

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