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Bestech Australia presents TML TC-32K digital strainmeter and CSW-5A/CSW-5A-05 switching box

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Bestech Australia  presents the TC-32K digital strainmeter from TML, Japan.

The TC-32K digital strainmeter is an upgraded data logger model that accepts flash memory cards (FAT16, 32MB-2GB), and can be used for strain, DC voltage, thermocouple and Pt RTD measurements as well as a digital multimeter for measurement of resistance and insulation resistance.

Featuring an LCD backlit screen, the TC-32K digital strainmeter not only shows the value measured, but also auxiliary information associated with programming of the instrument including sensor mode and scaling parameter to provide a constant visual reminder of these important settings, and allows readings to be taken in the dark if required.

Key features of TML TC-32K digital strainmeters:

  • Features a compact and lightweight design, weighing only 850g
  • Splash waterproof case protects the instrument with an IP54 protection rating and shock resistance
  • Design and construction suit transportation in the field
  • Up to 80,000 measured data can easily be processed and analysed by software such as MS-Excel
  • Data measured and stored can be transferred to a PC using a flash memory card (FAT16)
  • Powered by alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cd AA batteries; Built-in battery prevents data loss
  • Interval timer eliminates the need to be on site to record data
  • Input terminals feature innovative finger-touch design that allow quick and easy connections to leads of different sensors with no screws or solder needed
CSW-5A/CSW-5A-05 switching box

The CSW-5A is a five-channel automatic switching box using the TC-32K interval timer to allow multiple channel inputs. Each channel can be programmed with its own scaling parameter and sensor mode through the TC-32K keypad.

A total of 50 channel capacities can be achieved using CSW-5A-05, which provides connector receptacles in addition to the standard screw clips. Specially designed for TC-32K, these switching boxes can be used for strain gauge, strain gauge type transducer, TEDS compatible load cell, DC voltage, thermocouple and platinum resistance-temperature devices.

USB and RS232C interfaces are available for online measurement and control purposes.

The TC-32K digital strainmeter and associated switching boxes are exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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