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Bestech Australia offers multiNCDT non-contacting roundness measurement systems for rollers

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Bestech Australia  supplies a range of measurement systems designed for non-contacting roundness measurement of rollers.

The multiNCDT non-contacting roundness measurement systems from Micro-Epsilon are designed to measure the roundness of rollers, a critical requirement in the production of tapes and foils.

During production, high speeds of up to 2700 m/min can be achieved, leading to an increased vibration tendency in the roller stands. Even the smallest micron range irregularity in the rolling contour can lead to cross-grooves on the rolled material, resulting in diminished quality of the product.

Therefore, a high-precision roundness measuring system for rollers is required to ensure quality assurance.  

Available from Bestech Australia, multiNCDT non-contacting roundness measurement systems are highly suitable for applications requiring the measurement of roundness or ovality.

These measurement systems are basically eddy current displacement sensors that measure the surface contour of the roller. The angular position of roundness errors and the accumulation and periodicity of circularity errors can be documented using a computer.

Eddy currents are generated in the target material using a coil and the impedance variation results in a linear electrical signal proportional to the distance of the target from the sensor. The sensor has a measuring range of 1000µm and accuracy of below 0.2% non-linearity. Resolution is down to 1µm and a bandwidth of 10kHz is used.

The eddy current sensors are able to measure reliably and accurately without contact. The no-contact design also ensures zero wear, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Obstructions in the measuring gap such as dirt, dust, moisture, oil and dielectric materials are not detected, giving the eddy current sensors an advantage over other types of sensors.

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