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Bestech Australia offers low cost displacement sensors using new magnetic technology

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Bestech Australia presents a new range of displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Germany designed to use magnetic technology.  

The new magnetic displacement sensors (MDS) are based on a patented method from Micro-Epsilon, involving a linear relationship between the position of the magnet and the output signal.  

The manufacturing method does not depend on semiconductor processes as printed coils are used for this measurement principle, making customer-specific adaptations considerably easier.  

Micro-Epsilon developed the early models for use in the white goods sector, particularly in washing machine production. The principle-specific benefits are particularly well suited to this application with the loading being measured with very high resolution and the movement of the tub when spinning being measured with high dynamics.    

The new magnetic displacement sensors are suitable for automotive and OEM applications where long displacement measuring ranges and high resolution are required.  

Key features of the low cost displacement sensors:  

  • Extremely high basic sensitivity enables a very simple and low cost evaluation circuit 
  • Very fast, high resolution versions can be achieved with an eddy current sensor as the technological core 
  • Compared to Hall Effect sensors, much larger measuring ranges (currently 60mm limit) can be achieved 
  • Significantly smaller magnets are required reducing costs and simplifying installation 
  • Pulse width modulated signal available as an output signal, easily read by a microcontroller using time measurement      
Micro-Epsilon’s low cost magnetic displacement sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia. 

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