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Bestech Australia offers LR30KPlus material testing machines for thermal insulation block testing

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Bestech Australia  presents the LR30KPlus twin column material testing machines from Lloyd Instruments for testing thermal insulation blocks.  

Equipped with NEXYGENPlus control and analysis software, the material testing machines provide the capability for testing key mechanical properties of thermal insulation blocks including compressive stress, tensile strength and shear strength to international EN standards.  

With 6-Star House Energy Efficiency Ratings soon to become the norm for new build properties in Australia, there is increased focus on thermal insulation performance and properties.  

The LR30KPlus (30 kN) can be equipped with special versions of the TG166 rectangular compression platens to accommodate insulation blocks up to 350mm x 350mm for compression testing to EN 826, EN 12430 and EN 12431 standards.  

EN 826 applies to the determination of the compressive stress at 10% deformation in compressive creep tests and for applications in which insulation products are only exposed to short term loads.

EN12430 covers the behaviour of products under a force applied to a small area of a test specimen at a given speed. The standard can be used to determine whether the products have sufficient strength to withstand forces applied directly to them, either during installation or during application.  

EN12431 specifies equipment and procedures for determining the thickness of thermal insulation products for impact sound insulation in floating floor applications.

The LR30KPlus material testing machines are fitted with adhesive grips for tensile testing of thermal insulation blocks to EN 1607 and EN 12090.  

While EN1607 specifies methods for the determination of tensile strength perpendicular to the faces of the blocks, EN12090 applies to the determination of shear behaviour.  

Key features of the LR30KPlus material testing machines:  

  • Combines high performance, flexibility and exceptional ease of use
  • Ideally suited to the testing of thermal insulation blocks 
  • Uses high accuracy interchangeable XLC Series load cells for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements 
  • High stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample 
  • NEXYGENPlus control and analysis software allows full control of data acquisition, processing and storage


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