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Bestech Australia introduce ASCOspeed 5500 high accuracy non contact speed sensor

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Bestech Australia  introduce the ASCOspeed 5500 novel speed sensor for metal industry from Micro-Epsilon, Germany. This speed sensor has applications in rolling mills, straightening lines, inspection and coating lines, cutting and winding systems as well as extruder systems, inspection, welding and bending lines, wire and extruded profile production lines.

During the measurement of differential velocities, such as for mass-flow-control or elongation-control, umpteen devices can operate synchronously and supply precise results in acceleration phases. This speed sensor also possesses a scalable pulse output and can be used as an alternative to shaft-encoders.

For application as a non-contacting velocity sensor, there are no special requirements for the surface being measured. Changing colours, coatings and even reflective properties can all be tolerated.

Features of the ASCOspeed 5500 novel speed sensor include :

  • Ease of use due to non-hazardous LED light source
  • In stable extruded aluminium profile case
  • Powerful due to optimum functionality
  • Measuring range selection can be parameterised
  • Real-time signal processing with multi-chain plausibility analysis

This non contact speed sensor uses the phase grouping principle whereby object movements are acquired by the sensor and converted by an opto-array into an electrical signal whose centre frequency is proportional to the object velocity. This principle is a revolutionary development within spatial filter technology, facilitating more dynamic response and therefore higher speeds.

Super-fast hardware registers in this speed sensor check and compress the current velocity values in microseconds. Output times of approximately 500µs in this speed sensor, together with the high accuracy, make this velocity sensor highly suitable for applications in the closed-loop control of complex production plants.

The ASCOspeed 5500 non-contacting velocity sensor is a compact device with a rugged housing and integrated construction. This ensures trouble-free application in the most varied systems up to maximum speeds of 3000m/min. Only a 24V DC supply is needed, and the sensor combines high dynamic response with high precision (±0.05% linearity). This velocity sensor is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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