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Bestech Australia announces Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers

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Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers are now available from Bestech Australia , offering an efficient and reliable means to highlight quality improvement opportunities throughout the supply chain and in the production process.

At the research and development stage, texture analysers can be used to compare new ingredients with existing ingredients. In production, texture is used for the measurement and control of temperature, humidity and cooking time.

Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers capture force, time and distance data during the testing process to calculate and quantify a range of parameters such as:

  • adhesiveness
  • chewiness
  • fracturability
  • firmness
  • stringiness; and
  • other food processing parameters.
Capable of applying forces up to 100kg, these machines have a large working area with nearly 180mm of throat depth and an 8kHz sampling rate to capture all data point.

They also feature a wide extension speed range from 60 µm/s to 21 mm/s.

A variety of options are available for Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers, including:

  • multi-lingual and multi-unit options
  • intelligent ‘plug and play’ load cells
  • automatic diagnostics and calibration checks; and
  • frame stiffness compensation for extension accuracy.
Supplied with each system is the NexigenPlus software suite. This intuitive software program includes a complete standards library for food, cosmetics and packaging testing.

A comprehensive multi stage test wizard is included with the software, as well as a video and still picture capturing system. SPC trend and histogram charts, data export utility are standard, and most significantly, the NexigenPlus software has seamless integration with Microsoft Office.

Assistance with commissioning and training for all new Lloyd customers is provided by Bestech Australia, as well as post sales back up support, on site if necessary, and all necessary technical service and repairs.

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