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Bestech Australia  presents a new range of analogue signal converters from Asahi, designed to isolate output signals from the source signal.

Asahi TW-4M signal converters can be adjusted via their front panel DIP switches to accept and transmit multiple and most common low level voltage and DC current signals (1~5v or 4~20mA) in the combination required to suit the application.

The signal transmitters also allow the user to choose 50ms or 500ms time response; the polarity of the output signal can be changed if required. Factory default settings of the signal converter are 1-5V input, and 4-20 mA output.

Asahi TW-4M signal converters find application in temporary as well as permanent installations where it is necessary to convert signals from sources including transducers, transmitters, PLCs and other devices so that their output signal is compatible with signal input devices such as remote digital indicators, PLCs and other controllers.

The TW-4M signal converter is also an ideal time saving device for instrumentation engineers and service technicians.

Key features of Asahi TW-4M signal converters:

  • Housed in a compact rugged black PTB case measuring 48mm W x 96mm L x 41mm H
  • Recommended method of termination is via M3.5mm solderless ring or spade type connectors to M3 screw terminal blocks
  • Seal plate provided to attach over the front panel to prevent tampering of the settings
  • Signal converter module clamps onto DIN standards ‘top-hat’ type terminal rail
  • Mains voltage (100-240V 50Hz) or 24V DC (<80 mA) required
  • Compact design weighing only 130g, can be easily stored away
Electronic measurement and instrument specialist, Bestech Australia provides all necessary application advice and prompt after sales technical support for the Asahi TW-4M signal converters.

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