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Acuity’s AR700 RP sensor available from Bestech Australia

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Surface profiling is an important part of road and pavement engineering. Road profiling systems are developed to collect real-time continuous high-speed measurements of longitudinal profiles of road surfaces.

The road profiling systems utilise non-contact laser sensors to measure the distance to the road surface and accelerometers to compensate for the effects of the vehicles’ movement.

Road profiling systems are responsible for gathering information such as longitudinal profile, micro and macro textures, and roughness to determine coefficients of friction. The difficulty of making such road profile measurements lies in the dynamically changing targets, including tarmac, concrete, and paint.

The AR700, with optics, electronics and signal processing algorithms specifically for road profiling, is developed by Acuity, and is available from Bestech Australia .

The AR700 is a triangulation RP sensor that measures distance by projecting a beam of laser light that creates a spot on a target surface. Reflected light from the surface is detected on an angle from inside the sensor, and the distance is processed by a microprocessor.

The AR700 RP sensor is optimised for road profiling. The AR700 RP sensor’s 9.4 kHz sampling speed and low-noise digital output makes it suitable for road profiling applications. Different surface types, vehicle speeds, vibration, sunlight and temperature conditions can be accounted by the AR700 RP sensor.

Measuring ranges for AR700 road profiling versions are 3.175 to 300mm, and linearity is ±0.05% of the range. Resolution is down to 0.005% of the range, and laser spot diameters are 30µm.

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