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AMETEK Lloyd PETPlus polymer IV tester from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  presents the AMETEK Lloyd PETPlus polymer IV tester designed to measure the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of moisture sensitive polyethylene terephthalate (PET) without the use of solvents.

Distributed by Bestech Australia, the PETPlus polymer IV tester is operated either in standalone mode, or with the intuitive AMETEK Lloyd NexygenPlus PET comprehensive control and data acquisition software package.

The non-solvent based analysis technique of the PETPlus IV tester not only saves the cost of purchasing, storage, handling and disposal of solvents but is also inherently environment-friendly. Additionally, by testing polymer at virtually any stage of the manufacturing process from the raw resin, powder, dry granules and melt stages to the completed product, scrap is virtually eliminated.

The PETPlus polymer IV tester tests each sample by extruding molten polymer forced through a calibrated die by user set pressurised nitrogen. The resultant rate of displacement of a probe, which follows the molten polymer, is measured by an LVDT. The software then calculates the optimum flow rate and the intrinsic velocity of the test sample along with the degradation factor, and the mean and standard deviation of the tested batch.

Key benefits of PETPlus polymer IV testers:

  • Saves time with tests taking only 20 minutes
  • Rapid testing at various stages enables external equipment to collect and prepare samples ready for the next test
  • Testing at various stages of the manufacturing process eliminates scrap
  • Small footprint saves bench space
  • New design allows quick and easy loading of samples into the instrument
  • High precision measurement enabled by PETPlus’ microprocessor controlled standalone system
  • Temperature control is stable within ±0.1°C
  • Internal memory can retain up to 600 test results
  • Operator prompts and test progress displayed on the on-board backlit LCD screen
  • Communication via RS232 with an external computer enables automatic pre-programmed control of test cycles
  • Range of dies available to suit the particular IV range of the polymer under test and its specified test temperature
  • Integral nitrogen pressure regulator provided as standard
  • Accessories include sample dryers, vacuum pumps, chip grinders, polymer chip transfer vessel, and the NexygenPlus PET analysis software
  • Mains powered instrument

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