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Showa-Best Glove introduce Showa hand/arm protection offering to Australian industrial markets

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Showa products are warehoused locally and available to authorised Australian distributors through Best Glove Manufacturing Australia sales organisation.

Showa-Best Glove have announced that they are bringing a broad selection of Showa Glove hand/arm protection models to the Australian industrial markets with immediate effect. The Showa line is being marketed by the same sales organization that has been selling the Best Glove line through Australian distributors since 1988. Showa-Best Glove is the result of a merger between Showa Glove and Best Glove Manufacturing.

According to Peter Lockerbie, Showa-Best Glove Southeast Asia Sales Manager, the introduction of targeted Showa products brings glove models with the personal protection equipment technology to Australia. The expanded Australia offering includes more than 20 Showa products and over 100 Best Glove products. Among the high profile Showa glove models now available here are the Showa 495 gloves for the food processing market and the Showa 620 and 660 styles for the commercial fishing market. This line expansion is a direct result of the 2007 acquisition of Best Glove by Showa Glove, Japan.

The Showa acquisition of Best Glove created a product portfolio that encompasses many of the world’s trusted and widely used glove brands. The combination of Showa and Best enhances the Australian industrial markets with:

Best-in-class technology: With a focus on research and development, the combined company is positioned to continue and accelerate the Showa/Best tradition of introducing new, innovative hand and arm protection products to Australia.

Comprehensive hand and arm product portfolio: The quality of Showa Glove and Best Glove Manufacturing's products has earned both companies recognition as industry leaders. Combined, the two offer a full range of protective gloves to Australian industries ranging from commercial fishing and mining, to construction, meat packing, health care, technology, general manufacturing and food service.

Extensive channel coverage: The merged company has strong sales and service organisations focused exclusively on hand protection in Australia and the world.

Global production facilities: With global production facilities (U.S, Japan, Guatemala, Vietnam, Malaysia and Canada), the company is able to manufacture close to Australian customers, increase production capacity and operate under a global business model.

Industrial Market Focus: Showa-Best Glove focuses on the industrial market sectors within Australia.

Showa-Best Glove products are sold to the Australian industrial markets through authorised distributors. All Australian retail sales are facilitated through Showa-Best Glove's marketing partner, Lynn River.

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