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Range of couplings from Benzlers

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David Brown Gear Industries Ltd, sister concern of Benzlers offers a wide range of couplings. The line of coupling products include, gear and grid couplings, Nylicon flexible gears, Pin and Bush couplings and flexible cone rings.

The gear couplings are considered to be rigid and versatile and have a lubricated design. Gear couplings provide high torque and bore capacities and are available in twenty eight sizes. There are different types available in the gear couplings such as, continuous sleeve couplings, spacer couplings, floating shaft couplings and close-coupled double engagement couplings suited for various applications.

The grid coupling also has a lubricated design and high torque capacity like gear couplings. Grid couplings do not require periodic maintenance when lubrication is undertaken by Benzlers. Grid couplings are also available in different types such as, closed coupled used commonly in four bearing systems, floating shaft couplings, full spacer and half spacer couplings. These full spacer and half spacer couplings are suitable for pump applications. When the distance between the shafts is large for connecting equipment, then the floating shaft couplings are used.

Nylicon flexible gear couplings from Benzlers are suitable for small power drives and are available in three different sizes. Nylicon couplings provide reliable service under varied weather conditions at a low cost. Nylicon couplings do not require any maintenance activity and is easy to assemble such products.

Pin and Bush couplings from Benzlers are flexible to use and two options are available, medium duty and heavy duty. Medium duty couplings are similar to heavy duty couplings except that half the standard number of ring and pin assemblies only are supplied. Flexible cone rings are also available from Benzlers which can be easily assembled and dismantled. 

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