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Gears and gearboxes from Benzlers

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Benzlers  was started in 1944 and specialises in supplying rubber conveyor belts, chains and drive units. During the late 1960s Benzlers introduced the Helical gear which is a timeless type of gear, which was very successful in the market. The Helical gears are available in different series such as series C, series M, series K and series F. Benzlers is also reputed for having developed screw jacks and is known for manufacturing and supplying industrial gears worldwide. The parent company named AB Benzlers has its operations in 14 countries across the globe.
Currently the product line of Benzlers includes, worm gears, shaft mounted products, screw jacks and geared motors. The worm gears from Benzlers are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions. Benzlers also provides a modular kit system, where the sub-assembly products are produced, packed and stored separately. When the orders are placed for a particular system, those kits which are necessary to meet the customer's requirement are taken from stock and assembled without much delay.
Benzlers also deals with industrial gearboxes which are available in two series namely, series G and series H. Industrial gearboxes have a high load carrying capacity and produce reduced noise. They are considered highly efficient. Also included in the product range of Benzlers are the couplings. Couplings consist of Nylicon coupling gear, Pin and Bush couplings, gear couplings and grid couplings.
David Brown Gear Industries Ltd, a sister company of Benzlers is headquartered in Australia. David Brown Australia is known for designing, manufacturing and repairing industrial gears and gearboxes. There are two manufacturing plants in Australia which provide full engineered drive solutions and proprietary technologies.

David Brown Australia is an ISO certified organization both for its quality management system and environmental management system.

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