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According to Benson Machines , a world leader in the specialised grinding industry, Shigiya has one of the world’s biggest ranges of cylindrical grinders. Shigiya’s impressive product ranges comprises of more than 350 models with over 900 options, ensuring a machine available for your required task. Shigiya also provides thread grinders, masterless cam grinders, crank pin and crank journal grinders, non round (journal) and eccentric grinders.

The CNC Masterless Cam Shift Grinder, GCMH-30, is the best cam shaft grinder for high quality and productivity.


Nissin is the master of precision small bore production. Nissin’s experience and innovation allows them to stand out in the specialised grinding sector. The automatic honing machines, the number one seller in the industry, can consistently maintain tolerances within 0.0025mm.

The FH-25 flexible cell type modular honing machine for mass productions is ideal for large production volumes as stations can be added to the machine.


Since establishment in 1946, Izumi has triumphed over difficult tasks with a fighting spirit accompanied with unyielding effort and advanced knowledge to supply superior performing machines. Izumi provides external grinding machines, internal grinding machines, ball raceway superfinishing machines, straight and spherical raceway superfinishing machines, automatic assembly machines and special purpose machines.

The KN-114A CNC Internal Grinder is perfect for automotive, bearing and aerospace industries.

Top Work

Top Work isn’t just a name, it’s the entire company’s philosophy. Top Work is a leading manufacturer of cutter grinders with a product range which includes universal cutter and tool grinders, CNC tool grinders as well as Monaset tool and cutter grinders.

The M-40 Tool and Cutter Grinder comes complete with many standard accessories. In addition, a full range of attachments are available.

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