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WM2000/CM1000 PA system from Benbro Electronics with wireless microphone

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Benbro Electronics  supplies the WM2000/CM1000 which provides all the necessary requirements expected from a portable PA system.

The flick of one switch enables communication, loud and clear achieved through 30 watts of power: enough to cover the area of a normal football oval.

This makes the WM2000 /CM1000 from Benbro Electronics ideal for all schools and sporting bodies. The WM2000 /CM1000 is portable, lightweight (under 10kg) and has the advantage of being self contained. 

The WM2000 /CM1000's aluminium horn speakers which are designed for volume and distance can be rotated and adjusted. The bottom speaker can swivel through 270 degrees, therefore projecting the sound in two directions. 

The WM2000 /CM1000 runs on an internal 12 volt 7a.h battery, and gives 8 hours of continuous talk time (rechargeable overnight) or can run direct from mains supply.

The integral part of the WM2000 is the wireless microphone system. This allows the user to roam up to 70m from the amplifier's wireless receiver. This is ideal for sports days or hands on instructions.

The unique bonus of the belt pack transmitter is that it allows the connection of two microphones. The first is an Omni-directional lapel microphone and the other a normal Uni-directional low impedance microphone. Both of these microphones can be used at once - a distinct advantage in interview-type situations for example.

The belt pack transmitter is powered by a normal 9 volt alkaline battery and has a continuous talk life of over 20 hours. The system can be turned on or off at either the transmitter or receiver.

Emergency tone generator:

Every school or organisation needs the ability to evacuate their pupils or members in an emergency. The flick of a switch will set off a very loud Australian standards approved (AS2220.1) evacuation tone. The portability of the unit allows it to be carried and used for communication situations like an after evacuation roll call or assembly. The second tone option for selection is also provided.

The WM2000 and CM1000 amplifier includes:

  • 1 Microphone input for cord microphone (ASC 102)
  • 1 Auxiliary input for CD or cassette deck music input
  • 1 Auxiliary output, this allows connection to other amplifiers
  • 1 Emergency switch with 2 tone selection
  • 1 Mains connector for charging or running unit.
Optional accessories (suitable for both WM2000 and CM1000):
  • ACS 100: The heavy duty portable stand. This elevates the unit to a height of approx. 180cm's.
  • ACS 101: Connector cable that facilitates the connection of an AM/FM radio and cassette tape walk-man allowing the playing of music for activities or national anthems, etc. The music and microphones can operate simultaneously. This allows instructions to be given while the music is playing.
  • ACS 103: Headset microphone for aerobics or hands free use.
  • ACS 105: Microphone stand
  • ACS 106: 15 watt wall mounted internal speakers that are ideal for small classroom assemblies. They plug into and are powered by the WM2000 amplifier. This can be a cost saving to smaller schools.

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