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article image The Benq 3210A CD-RW drive.

BENQ claims it has the fastest CD-RW drives in the storage market with the release of the Benq 4012P (40x) and 3210A (32x) drives.

Writing at 40X, re-writing at 12X and reading at 48X, the Benq 4012P offers unprecedented speed and convenience for users, while the Benq 3210A is rated at 32X for writes, 10X for re-writes and 40X for reads.

The impressive writing and re-writing speeds of Benq’s CD-RW’s are suitable for writing and re-writing large graphic and image files, data back-up, compiling or playing music CDs, audio or other data onto disc.

Benq’s Seamless Link Technology, developed exclusively by Benq, prevents the ‘buffer under run’ problem, (a major concern for high-speed CD-R/RW drive users).

By monitoring the recording status and predicting this problem before it occurs, Benq eliminates the chances of buffer under run, allowing for even faster burning or re-writing of information onto CDs and reducing the “coaster” effect.

Easy to install and designed for simplicity of use, Benq’s CD-RWs have an E-IDE/ATAPI interface, play/skip functions on the panel as well as an emergency eject.

For smooth performance, they are equipped with an anti-vibration system and have a clever dust protection design. Benq’s 3210A internal CD-RW is available now at a RRP of $389 and the 4012P at $449. Benq Australia 02 9714 6800.

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