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Thermal fabrics and fire protection products from Bellis Aust

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Bellis Aust  specialises in supplying acoustic and thermal insulation, metal fabric and rubber expansion joints and refractory products for industries. Bellis Aust manufactures a range of products such as, robot covers and removable valve covers, metal fittings and cladding for insulation systems and heat shields and blankets.

Bellis Aust is also known for manufacturing and supplying products such as, structural fire rated systems and refractory boards, foam glass cellular glass insulation systems and versifoam portable polyurethane spray kits.

Bellis Aust supplies a range of fire protection products such as, firefly, foam glass, fire resistant coatings, promat boards and fire retardant paints. A complete range of thermal fabrics are supplied as well by Bellis Aust. Re-wettable cloth, stainless steel reinforced ceramic fibre cloth, silica cloth, teflon coated fibreglass cloth are some of the thermal fabrics available. Vermiculite coated silica cloth, heatset treated fiberglass cloth and fibre glass fabrics are also supplied.

These thermal fabrics are widely utilised for a range of applications such as, air slide conveyor belts, welding screens, and bellows, welding blankets, electrical insulation of cables, valve covers, fire blankets and flame cutting blankets.

Thermal fabrics are also used for radiant heat resistance, pipe insulations, gaskets, industrial sealing and hose insulation.

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