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Expansion joints and fabricated products from Bellis Aust

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Bellis Aust  has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of expansion joints used commonly in all industrial applications including ducts and pipes.

Bellis Aust is known for supplying a wide range of expansion joints in two types of configurations, Flanged configurations and Flat Belt configurations. Acoustic expansion joints and complete expansion joint assemblies ready for installation purposes are some of the types of joints offered by Bellis Aust.

Range of joints suitable for various applications and temperatures are available from Bellis Aust. Fabric joints with operating temperatures from 0 degree celsius to 1000 degree celsius, LFP Fluoropolymer joints suitable for strong and corrosive chemical applications are supplied.

Metal joints which are ideal for high pressure and temperature applications and rubber joints suitable for high chemical and high temperature applications are also provided by Bellis Aust.

Bellis Aust along with the expansion joints, supplies expansion joints accessories as well. Accessories such as flow liners, metal backing bars and bolts and nuts with protective treatment and bolsters suitable for high temperature joints are offered.

Bellis Aust is known for supplying expansion joints for a range of industries such as, mining industry, power generation, sugar mills, marine applications and refineries.

Bellis Aust also provides a variety of fabricated products such as, loose liners, flexible ducting, tank liners, cell covers, flange leak spray shields, robot suits and primary and secondary containment liners.

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