Belden Australia News

Belden introduces new space-saving, customisable wireless access points
01.03.2016 - Belden Inc. has introduced a new ruggedised access point family for deploying industrial wireless networks.
Belden releases dual purpose router to streamline industrial network management
30.04.2015 - Belden introduces the Magnum 5RX fixed configuration security router from GarrettCom designed to optimise network performance and minimise risk.
Belden’s flexible switch delivers maximum network availability in extreme environments
06.03.2015 - Belden Australia announces the addition of a new switch in Hirschmann’s OCTOPUS family.
Belden adds new bus coupler to Lumberg Automation’s fieldbus system for integrating EtherNet/IP networks
04.03.2015 - Belden Australia announces the latest addition to Lumberg Automation’s fieldbus system, the new LioN-Link EtherNet/IP bus coupler.
Belden joins Consortium to help industrial market evolve for Internet of Things
06.02.2015 - New AVnu Alliance members to focus on evolution of Industrial Ethernet technologies and standards.
New Hirschmann embedded Ethernet switches save time and cost for automation equipment manufacturers
22.01.2015 - Belden is a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications.
Belden’s new entry level Ethernet switch offers flexibility in industrial networks
15.01.2015 - Belden Australia announces the launch of a new range of gigabit Ethernet switches from Hirschmann designed to suit demanding applications.
Belden’s redesigned modular gigabit switch improving uptime in harsh environments
13.01.2015 - Belden Australia announces the release of a redesigned version of its Layer 3 modular gigabit switches to suit extreme environment applications.
Belden shortens production cycles for industrial robot applications
01.10.2014 - With the Quick Connect technology a robot can return to work after a tool change in less than 500 milliseconds.
Belden research shows that patching for industrial cyber security is a broken model
10.05.2013 - Belden has released new research by its Tofino Security brand showing that patching is often ineffective in providing protection from the various vulnerability disclosures and malware.
Belden-Hirschmann Ethernet upgrade for electrical substations in the City of Naperville
25.04.2013 - Belden’s Hirschmann MACH1000 Gigabit Ethernet switches, Industrial HiVision Network Management Software and Belden DataTuff Category 6 cables were installed as part of the Ethernet upgrade at the electrical substations of the City of Naperville.
Hirschmann OpenRail RS20 managed switches selected by automotive parts manufacturer for communications network
24.04.2013 - Suppliers to the automotive industry are constantly under pressure to produce world-class products better, faster and cheaper.
New Belden MIPP modular industrial patch panels
29.11.2012 - Belden Australia announces the introduction of a new range of modular industrial patch panels that allows fibre and copper to be terminated in one solution.
Data cable for Gigabit Ethernet networks
25.09.2012 - BELDEN Australia has released the BE43800, a railway-approved, high performance Ethernet Gigabit data cable.
Industrial HiVision Network visualisation software from Belden Australia
18.09.2012 - Belden Australia presents the latest version of the Industrial HiVision Network, a visualisation software suitable for auditing and monitoring network connections.
Belden offers EAGLE Tofino zone level security switches for control networks
03.09.2012 - Belden Australia presents the EAGLE Tofino industrial security solution, a distributed security solution that quickly and cost effectively implements cyber security protection.
EAGLE20 Series firewall/VPN routers from Belden
16.08.2012 - Belden Australia announces the availability of a high speed VPN, firewall and routing solution in a single package.
Hirschmann industrial Ethernet media cordsets from Belden
15.08.2012 - Available from Belden Australia, the Hirschmann product family of industrial Ethernet media solutions meets the needs of diverse environments from the factory floor to the off
OCTOPUS Series IP 67 industrial on-machine switches now with fibre optic ports
30.07.2012 - Belden Australia presents the OCTOPUS family of switches from Hirschmann designed to meet all relevant industry standards.
MACH 1040 19" rack-mount Full Gigabit Ethernet switches from Belden Australia
27.07.2012 - Belden Australia presents a new range of industrial workgroup switches designed for fanless operation.
Hirschmann MACH100 industrial workgroup switches from Belden Australia
17.07.2012 - Belden Australia offers Hirschmann’s expanded 19” rack switches portfolio including the latest MACH100 family of industrial switches.
Hirschmann RSB20 Series compact rugged basic managed switches
16.07.2012 - Belden Australia presents the new Hirschmann RSB20 series of managed switches in a choice of 32 models to meet various industrial Ethernet applications.
OpenRail managed DIN rail mount switches from Belden Australia
09.07.2012 - Belden Australia offers the OpenRail line of managed and unmanaged switches developed by Hirschmann to meet the growing demand for application-specific switches.
Belden Classic high quality multi-conductor and paired cables
06.07.2012 - Belden Australia presents the Classic line of high quality, high reliability multi-conductor and paired cables designed to meet or exceed UL standards.
Belden’s new OpenBAT series enables WLAN access point and clients to be configured via the Internet
23.01.2012 - Belden Australia announces the availability of the new OpenBAT range from Hirschmann, a modular system that enables industry-standard WLAN access points and clients to be configured via the Internet.
New Lumberg Automation shielded railway connectors from Belden
20.01.2012 - Belden Australia presents the new railway connectors from the Lumberg Automation product range specially designed for use in trains.
Belden's new railway approved data cables for Gigabit Ethernet networks
19.01.2012 - Belden Australia announces the introduction of the new railway-approved, high performance Ethernet Gigabit data cables to its comprehensive range of cables, connectors, switches, routers and firewalls
Belden announces new Hirschmann Ethernet switches
11.01.2012 - Belden Australia announces the introduction of a new range of Ethernet switches with integrated PRP and HSR redundancy protocols.
Belden Australia adds new M12 receptacle connectors to its Lumberg Automation range
09.01.2012 - The Lumberg Automation range available from Belden Australia has been extended with the addition of M12 receptacle connectors, which are easy to install and feature an IP67 rating.
New Hirschmann multiple-port firewalls available from Belden
13.12.2011 - Belden Australia announces the availability of the new Hirschmann multiple-port firewalls.
Belden introduces new modular industrial patch panels
09.12.2011 - MIPP is a new line of modular industrial patch panels available from Belden Australia that combines copper and fibre management in one solution to offer significant space and cost savings.
Belden’s Hirschmann’s ST-series connectors cross 100 million mark
29.11.2011 - The ST-series of connectors in Belden's range of Hirschmann products has been providing reliable power supply for over four decades.
Belden’s Hirschmann switches meet high quality standards
08.11.2011 - Hirschmann’s range of industrial switches and active devices available from Belden Australia continues to be strongly focussed on quality to ensure their customers have access to superior solutions.
Byres Security acquired by Belden
20.10.2011 - Belden Australia announces the acquisition of Byres Security Inc. (BSI) by leading signal transmission company, Belden Inc.
Enhanced broadband connectivity products from Belden
17.10.2011 - Belden Australia announces the availability of an expanded line of broadband products thanks to Belden's recent acquisition of Thomas & Betts solutions for broadband applications.
Belden Wins Best Stall in Small Size Award at Automation 2011
12.10.2011 - Belden, providers in signal transmission solutions, wins award for Best Stall in Small Size at the Automation 2011 in Bombay, India.
Belden introduces new I/O modules for safety applications
10.10.2011 - Belden Australia introduces a new I/O module to its Lumberg Automation range, designed specifically for the decentralised Fieldbus system, LioN-Link.
Belden’s 3-day 2011 Hirschmann Network Design Seminar open for registration
23.09.2011 - Registration is now open for a major Belden Australia event designed to impart essential skills for mission critical signal transmission infrastructure to participants.
New 9-Port OCTOPUS switches from Belden's Hirschmann range
09.09.2011 - Belden Australia announces the availability of a new line of IP67 managed switches in its Hirschmann product range with the introduction of a 9-port version of its OCTOPUS OS20 series.
Belden Australia Partners with RMIT University to Deliver Training Solutions
07.09.2011 - Belden Australia has partnered with RMIT University in order to provide training and certification in Industrial Ethernet skills for the rapidly growing technologies in networking and communication.
New FiberExpress Brilliance connectors installation kits from Belden
06.09.2011 - The new FiberExpress Brilliance connectors available from Belden Australia are designed to terminate optical fibre in the field quickly, saving time and labour significantly. Brilliance connectors all
Belden adds new 7.0 software platform to its Hirschmann managed switches series
15.08.2011 - Belden Australia announces the release of its new software platform for its Hirschmann product series, used in the MACH 100, 1000 and 4000, MICE, RS, RSR and Octopus families of managed switches.
New Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet workgroup switches with PoE Plus ports from Belden
10.08.2011 - Belden Australia introduces the new Hirschmann MACH104-16TX-PoEP Ethernet switches with Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE Plus) capability in accordance with IEEE 802.3at standards.
Metal Clad and Teck-Style industrial cables now available from Belden
08.07.2011 - Belden Metal Clad and Teck-Style 600V industrial cables are designed to meet demanding industrial needs by combining rugged durability and corrosion resistance with flexibility and easy handling.
Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords from Belden Australia
07.07.2011 - Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords provide the interface between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), processors, industrial computers, and other intelligent devices.
Fiber optic cabling and connectivity solutions from Belden
06.07.2011 - Belden are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of high quality, fiber optic cabling and connectivity solutions designed for maximum uptime in industrial manufacturing and process industries.
Belden DataTuff copper cables ensure optimal industrial plant performance
05.07.2011 - Available now from Belden Australia, the Belden DataTuff line of copper cables ensure optimum industrial plant performance and provide outstanding reliability.
Industrial Ethernet cabling solutions available now from Belden
04.07.2011 - Supplier of signal transmission products, Belden, is now able to provide a set of industrial Ethernet cabling solutions, including most associated networking protocols.
The Belden Ethernet/IP is now managed by Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA)
06.05.2011 - The Ethernet/IP by belden offers a complete and open Industrial networking communication protocol.
Belden Introduces New HD Brilliance Broadcast BNC Connectors
21.04.2011 - Belden Australia announces the launch of a new and innovative selection of Belden Brilliance High Definition (HD) BNC connectors.
Introducing the Hirschmann MACH1040 Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch from Belden Australia.
20.04.2011 - Belden Australia introduce the MACH1040. a Full Gigabit Ethernet Switch that is suited for high safety, mission-critical applications.
Belden Partners with Perle to Extend its Range of Hirschmann Ethernet Products
13.04.2011 - Belden Australia announces the addition of four Perle Systems' IOLAN DS serial Ethernet converters to the Hirschmann product line.
Belden Offers Wide Range of UL Instrumentation and Control Cables
01.04.2011 - Belden Australia offers an extensive range of UL instrumentation cables and control cables to suit diverse applications and environments.
Thermocouple extension cables and wires from Belden
31.03.2011 - Belden supply a range of thermocouple extension cables and wires suitable for application in parallel non-shielded extension wire in low noise environments.
New Profibus DP Connectors from Belden's Lumberg Automation Range
23.03.2011 - Belden Australia announces the introduction of new Profibus DP connectors to its range of Lumberg Automation products.
Belden offers Hirschmann PoE/PoE Plus Modules for 16 Fast Ethernet Ports Per Switch
17.03.2011 - Belden Australia offers the fan-free Hirschmann PoE modules and PoE Plus modules for its MACH100 Workgroup Series switches.
Belden offers Copper-Based Industrial Ethernet Cables
16.03.2011 - Industrial Ethernet cables available from Belden Australia are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions present in industrial factories and plants.
Belden 600V AWM-Rated Shielded Cables for Industrial Ethernet Lines
15.03.2011 - Belden Australia announces the introduction of two 600V AWM-rated shielded cables to its DataTuff industrial Ethernet line.
Belden offers Hirschmann’s Mission-Critical Network Devices
14.03.2011 - The Hirschmann line of networking devices available from Belden Australia includes products that support both copper and optical fibre media with data speeds as high as 10 Gigabits per second.
600V UL Instrumentation Tray Cables from Belden Australia
11.03.2011 - The 600V UL-rated instrumentation tray cables available from Belden Australia are designed for industrial environments and can be installed in wet or dry locations.
UL Control Cables from Belden
10.03.2011 - A wide range of UL-rated 600V tray cables designed for various control applications is available from Belden Australia.
Belden Introduces FiberExpress@EASE Fibre Patch Panels for Quicker and Easier Fibre Management
16.02.2011 - Belden Australia introduces a new range of fibre patch panels to its high quality and cost-effective FiberExpress family.
Belden adds AS-Interface modules to Lumberg Range
08.02.2011 - Belden has released two new actuator/sensor interface (AS-Interface) modules with encapsulated PUR housing and high signal density.
Belden Australia adds unmanaged 10-port switches
03.02.2011 - Belden Australia have extended their familiar Octopus range in the Hirschmann product series to include new unmanaged Fast Ethernet switches.
Belden Extends Lumberg Range with New Actuator and Sensor Interface Modules
25.01.2011 - Belden Australia has introduced two new actuator and sensor interface modules with encapsulated PUR housing and high signal density to its Lumberg Automation product range.
Belden Presents New Profibus DP Connectors from Lumberg Automation
06.01.2011 - Belden Australia adds the new Profibus DP connectors to its range of Lumberg Automation products.
Belden introduces world's first eight-pole M8 actuator and sensor connector range
22.12.2010 - Belden has extended its Lumberg Automation product range with the world's first eight-pole M8 actuator and sensor connectors.
Belden to Acquire GarrettCom and Thomas & Betts Communications Division, and sell Trapeze Networks
30.11.2010 - Belden Inc. is making two strategic acquisitions of GarrettCom and Thomas & Betts Communications Products Business to strengthen its connectivity platform as well as extend its smart grid and security
Belden's networking technologies used in higher education
26.11.2010 - Belden Australia applies its signal transmission products to the education community, particularly higher education.
FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC Systems from Belden Australia
25.11.2010 - The FiberExpress Secure/Keyed LC Systems are specially-keyed and colour-coded optical fiber connectivity components which allow for physical segregation of network segments.
New DataTuff Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e 600V AWM-Rated Cables from Belden
12.11.2010 - Belden Australia introduces two new 600V AWM-rated, shielded Cat 5e cables to its DataTuff industrial Ethernet line.
New Enhancements in Belden Infinity Cables Enable Superior Flexing and Better Compliance
11.11.2010 - Belden, a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications has announced a series of enhancements to its Belden Infinity C-TC+ and FCC cables.
Cable Management Products from Belden Australia
01.11.2010 - Cable Management Products from Belden Australia work hand-to-hand to create a fully integrated system based upon optimal bandwidth.
Category 6 DataTwist 2400 Cables from Belden Australia
31.10.2010 - Category 6 DataTwist 2400 Cables from Belden Australia consist of four pairs of 23 AWG insulated copper conductors.
10GX Patch Panels from Belden Australia
31.10.2010 - 0GX Patch Panels from Belden Australia are suitable for 10 GB/s transmission.
Belden IBDN Training
30.10.2010 - The Belden IBDN Training centre is an established part of the structured cabling industry’s landscape.
Belden Offers Hirschmann Circular Connectors in Additional Colours
22.10.2010 - Hirchmann CA series circular connectors from Belden Australia, previously available only in black are now supplied in red, white and blue.
New Railway-Approved Ethernet Data Cables from Belden
07.10.2010 - Belden, a provider of signal transmission solutions has added a highly flexible, high performance Ethernet data cable to its range of connectors, cables, Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls.
High Speed Fibre Optic Terminations with Belden Connectors
21.09.2010 - Belden Australia has introduced a new FiberExpress Brilliance field-installable connector that allows fibre optic terminations to be made in less than five seconds.
Belden's Low Loss 50-Ohm N Connectors for RF Transmission Applications
15.09.2010 - Belden Australia introduces a new line of low loss 50-ohm N connectors for a wide range of RF transmission applications.
Belden Announces New Compression Connectors, Tools and Cable Assemblies
16.08.2010 - Belden Australia has introduced a new line of F, BNC and RCA compression connectors and tools, along with the availability of standard or custom-configured cable assemblies.
Trapeze Networks, of Belden, announce new wireless solutions products
22.07.2010 - Trapeze Networks, a Belden brand of enterprise wireless LAN equipment and management software, has announced three new product platforms in its 802.11n wireless solutions family.
Belden Joins HDcctv Alliance to Provide High-Performance Coaxial Cable for HDcctv Applications
15.07.2010 - Belden, a major manufacturer of professional video cables has joined the HDcctv Alliance to enhance its position in the evolution of video surveillance camera connection technology.
Belden Australia Introduces New Hirschmann BAT controllers
05.07.2010 - Belden Australia offers three new BAT controllers from its Hirschmann™ product range to ensure fast data communications and optimum network availability.
Belden Australia to Provide New Communications Infrastructure at New Delhi International Airport
02.07.2010 - Belden Australia’s IBDN structured cabling system is the basis behind the DIAL T3, which is the fifth largest airport in the world.
Belden's hardened data networking solutions for substations
26.05.2010 - Belden, a leader in signal transmission solutions, has released new ruggedised networking solutions for Australia's smart grid communications infrastructure.
Belden introduces new Brilliance range of Precision Video Coax Cables for broadcasting
22.04.2010 - Belden has introduced Belden Brilliance 1794A Precision Video Coax Cable, the first cable specifically designed to meet the requirements of emerging 1080p/50-60 3 Gigabit applications.
Hirschmann EAGLE Tofino line of security switches introduced by Belden Australia
21.04.2010 - A new range of zone level security switches that protect control systems against network problems and cyber threats has been introduced by Belden Australia.
New Belden Solutions for PROFIBUS applications
01.04.2010 - PROFIBUS, from Belden Australia, is one of the largest open industrial fieldbusses in the world and Belden offers a complete solution from cables, cord sets and connectors to switches, I/O modules and and junction boxes.
New PowerCINCH modular power distribution connection system from Belden
24.02.2010 - Belden has introduced PowerCINCH, a modular power distribution and motor control connection system for machinery applications that has been developed under the Lumberg Automation brand.
New field-installable connectors from Belden provide termination simplicity and speed
12.02.2010 - Belden, a leader in the development of signal transmission products for the enterprise, industrial, building management, broadcast and security markets, has unveiled its new FiberExpress Brilliance field-installable connectors.
Belden Australia's new Hirschmann RSB20 series of ethernet switches
29.01.2010 - Belden Australia has introduced the new Hirschmann RSB20 series of cost-efficient Ethernet/Fast Ethernet managed switches for use in various applications and markets.
Belden's new solar cables support "green" power solutions
17.12.2009 - Belden has introduced a new family of Solar Cables designed to support renewable energy initiatives.
New rack mount ruggedised switches from Belden Australia
10.11.2009 - Belden has introduced the RSR DIN Rail Mount and MACH1000 Rack Mount Ruggedized Switches from Hirschmann, designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.
Belden Australia Expands its OpenRail switch line
21.10.2009 - Belden Australia has expanded its OpenRail compact and modular switch line with Hirschmann RS22 and RS32 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches.
New rugged industrial ethernet cordsets and patch cords from Belden
14.10.2009 - Belden has extended its industrial product offering with the addition of a rugged new line of Hirschmann industrial ethernet cordsets and patch cords.
New SPIDER Switches Offer Gigabyte Performance
22.09.2009 - Hirschmann's SPIDER family of switches from Belden offers an attractive solution wherever simple unmanaged industrial ethernet switches are used in a star or line topology.
Belden establishes new automation division
01.09.2009 - Belden Australia has created a new division that will provide greater support for distributors of its Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH and Lumberg Automation brands.
Belden Australia introduce DataTwist 3600 cables
11.06.2009 - Belden Australia DataTwist 3600 cables in bonded-pair or nonbonded-pair design, offer increased bandwidth for category 6 networks. Belden Australia have introduced DataTwist 3600 cables, a series of U
Belden Australia appoint Ecco Pacific as distributor for cabling and connectivity products
04.06.2009 - Belden Australia have appointed Ecco Pacific to distribute all their cabling and connectivity products to the electrical wholesale market. Belden Australia's cabling products are designed for virtually every commercial, industrial and residential app
Brilliance broadcast audio and video cables available from Belden Australia
14.05.2009 - Belden Australia had an influx of orders and completed projects in recent months for many sites including the new Melbourne Convention Centre and the adjacent Hilton Hotel at South Wharf.
Belden Australia introduce Cat 6 DataTuff twisted pair Ethernet cables
08.05.2009 - Belden Australia have introduced a new Category 6, DataTuff twisted pair Ethernet cable. The new Cat 6 DataTuff twisted pair Ethernet cable, Product No 7940A, is EtherNet/IP compliant and is of a roun
Industrial Ethernet end-to-end cabling solutions available from Belden Australia
07.05.2009 - Commercial Ethernet, which was developed over 30 years ago, is a widely installed LAN standard since it is used in a majority of the world's LAN-connected PCs and workstations. According to Ada
Infinity flexible automation cables available from Belden
10.09.2008 - Belden’s Infinity is a complete line of control, data, video and power cables specifically designed to handle the rigorous speeds and near-constant motion encountered in automated equipment such as robots, pick and place machines, automatic handling
Industrial Ethernet cabling solutions from Belden
09.09.2008 - Belden offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Ethernet cabling solutions, all specifically engineered and ruggedly constructed to ensure optimum network performance and uptime, even in harsh settings.
Variable-frequency Drive cables from Belden
08.09.2008 - Belden’s VFD cables series of 1000V UL flexible motor supply cables in gauge sizes from 16-4/0 provide the robust construction required to deliver better electrical performance and reliability, even in demanding industrial environments.
Fiber optic cables available from Belden
05.09.2008 - Fibre optic cables are available from Belden. The Fibre Optic line includes indoor and outdoor cable products in tight buffered and loose tube constructions.
Coaxial cables available from Belden
04.09.2008 - Belden’s Coaxial cables are tested with equipment that simulates every known environmental and electrical performance condition. As a result, these cables can be counted on for positive, reliable and trouble-free operation.
Belden offers Industrial Fieldbus Cables
01.09.2006 - Belden has offered Industrial Fieldbus Cables.
Belden offers IndustrialTuff ControlBus cables
01.09.2006 - Belden has introduced IndustrialTuff ControlBus cables for the high-speed, time-critical operation of ControlNet factory-floor systems.
Belden introduces PROFIBUS cables for field bus applications
01.09.2006 - Belden has developed a cable for PROFIBUS DP that is in accordance with the PROFIBUS specifications.
Belden releases new Blue Hose cable
01.09.2006 - Belden Blue Hose cable is a robust physical media for the transmission of PLC/DCS signals across the factory floor.
Belden unveils new IndustrialTuff Instrumentation and Control Cables
24.08.2006 - New IndustrialTuff Instrumentation and Control Cables Cables that comply with ICEA Standards, TC-ER and TC-LS Ratings has been introduced by Belden.
Bonded-pair networking cables
01.08.2006 - BELDEN Australia P/L’s Bonded-Pair Cables are the best performing UTP cables in the industry, according to the company. They exceed the full range of performance criteria, both electrical and physical
Reliable and versatile cables
14.07.2006 - The reliability of an Industrial Ethernet network depends on the cable infrastructure: data transmission errors can lead to interruptions in control functions resulting in lost production time and safety issues. To help ensure optimum performance, Be
Australian design cable dispensing box
04.09.2003 - BELDEN has designed a new, easier-to-use dispenser for its Category 5e DataTwist cable. The cable now comes in the new Belden UnReel Box, which is an innovative concept in dispensing cable and incorporates many Australian design suggestions.
New home automation cable
26.03.2003 - A NEW home automation cable to 'smart wire' new and existing homes for networking, security and entertainment systems, has been introduced by Belden Australia. The HomeChoice Banana Peel composite cable has a patent-pending design that eliminates the
Belden cable catalogue released
17.01.2003 - BELDEN’s comprehensive cable catalogue contains details on more than 3000 different wire and cable products and, for the first time, includes Belden's HomeChoice (home automation) range, industrial ethernet cables, New Generation broadcast and securi
Bonded pair proves superior technology
28.11.2002 - TRANSACT Communications, recently announced as the Broadband Retail Carrier of the Year, with its advanced deep fibre optic network, chose Belden copper bonded pair technology for the 'lead-in' cables that provide connection from the street to the ho
High strength fibre optic cable
18.10.2002 - BELDEN Australia has designed and manufactured a sophisticated fibre optic cable for Nextgen Networks that can withstand extremely harsh climatic environments and provide reliability of transmission for telecommunications carriers.
Belden selected for soccer world cup
30.04.2002 - Belden has won the cabling contract for the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, which will be broadcast to an estimated 1.8 billion soccer fans worldwide.
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