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article image Installed and manipulated unbonded-pairs (left) have a tendency to gap, varying the centricity of the two conductors. Bonded- Pairs (right) do not gap so the physical integrity of the pair is maintained

THE reliability of an Industrial Ethernet network depends on the cable infrastructure: data transmission errors can lead to interruptions in control functions resulting in lost production time and safety issues.

To help ensure optimum performance, Belden CDT Electronics Division has built quality and reliability into cables.

Since Belden has been at the forefront of the industrial marketplace for decades and understands the rigors of the industrial environment, we also have the unique ability to provide top performing cables – regardless of the work environment.

Belden can assist with cabling systems exposed to the following conditions:

> Oil, sunlight and gasoline

> Temperature variations

> Abrasion, crushing and burial

> Presence of EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference).

Many versions of DataTuff cables feature Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology. This construction feature affixes the conductor insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes to ensure that no performance-robbing gaps can develop between the conductor pairs.

Since no gaps can occur, and the conductor-to-conductor spacing, or centricity, is always uniform, the cable offers excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance - even after the cable has been subjected to the bending, pulling and twisting that is inherent in the installation process.

Belden calls this unique after-installation performance capability Installable Performance. When the transmitted signal encounters this mismatch, portions of the signal are reflected back toward the receiver.

This is called return loss, or RL. A cable with poor RL values can significantly impact the performance of an active network, reduce network efficiency and lead to excessive bit error rates.

In tests performed by Belden that simulate the effects of the installation process, both an industry-leading 350 MHz Cat 5e cable (an unbondedpair cable) and a Belden 350 MHz Cat 5e Bonded-Pair cable were tested right off the reel and then for the sake of comparison, they were subjected to an Installation Stress Test. This Stress Test simulated just some of the stresses that a cable experiences as it is installed. The unbondedpair cable showed an RL degradation greater than 12 dB - over 15 times worse than its before-installation value. The Bonded-Pair cables showed little change in RL performance.

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