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New Profibus DP Connectors from Belden's Lumberg Automation Range

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Belden Australia  announces the introduction of new Profibus DP connectors to its range of Lumberg Automation products.  

Designed for fast and secure data transmission, the new Profibus DP connectors each have a D-Sub and M12 interface, and are offered with 35º, 90º or 180º cable outlets.  

All connectors support data rates of up to 12 Mbit/s and feature compact die-cast zinc housing with test socket and activatable terminating resistor.  

The 9-pole D-Sub interfaces of the male and female connectors can be used to connect high-level control systems, decentralised I/O stations, programming units or diagnostic devices.  

The new Profibus DP connectors from Belden’s Lumberg Automation product range also enable tool-free installation.  

Key features and advantages of Profibus DP connectors: 

  • Quick-connection technology enables Profibus DP devices to be connected with M12 Profibus cord sets simply and securely without tools
  • Errors are reduced because the shielding no longer has to be attached manually
  • Reduced downtime of machinery and equipment increases production efficiency
  • Meets IP30 rating requirements
  • Wide operating temperature range from -20ºC to +70ºC
  • B-coded M12 interfaces serve as a Profibus input or output
  • Signals can be daisy-chained via the output
  • Terminating resistor of the connectors can be activated via a slide switch
  • Status is indicated through the position of the switch as well as through green and red colour coding on the housing
  • External Profibus terminating resistor can be attached to the Profibus out port
  • Special shielding geometry and die-cast zinc housing ensure error-free and loss-free data transmission

Housing dimensions: 

  • 59mm H x 45mm W x 16.8mm D for 35º cable outlets
  • 68mm H x 42mm W x 16.8mm D for 90º cable outlets
  • 84.8mm H x 35.6mm W x 16.8mm D for 180º cable outlets

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