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New FiberExpress Brilliance connectors installation kits from Belden

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article image Belden's rugged FiberExpress Brilliance Precision Cleaver and field installation kit

The new FiberExpress Brilliance connectors available from Belden Australia are designed to terminate optical fibre in the field quickly, saving time and labour significantly. Brilliance connectors allow fibre termination in the field in three simple steps.  

Belden's Brilliance connectors can additionally be reused up to five times with a 100% installation yield guarantee.  

The connectors are used to field terminate a fibre in exactly three steps once the tight buffered fibre is prepared for installation into the connector:   

  • Step 1: The fibre is inserted into the connector. 
  • Step 2: Using an index finger, the user slides the connector's switch-like activator tab towards the fibre to bring about the splice/crimp. 
  • Step 3: The user slides the boot on the connector body    
Users can accomplish the splicing and crimping of the fibre in about five seconds. The activator performs the fibre splicing and crimping action within the connector, which reduces the number of steps involved by 50% in comparison with most field-installable connectors.

While terminating Brilliance connectors does not require specialised or proprietary tools, Belden has developed installation kits to enable installers to easily and cost-effectively transition to FiberExpress Brilliance connector technology.  

Field Installation Kit  

The rugged and versatile Belden Installation Pouch includes extra pockets for additional flexibility, and can be carried using a shoulder strap, belt or handle.  

The Installation Guide provides all the instructions necessary to ensure successful fibre termination with troubleshooting and cleaning tips, a laminated measuring card and a demonstration video.  

Precision Installation Kit  

Containing all the accessories of the Field Installation Kit, it also features a Brilliance precision cleaver that can achieve superior quality cleaves at a much higher volume (up to 10 times more) than field cleavers.  

Optical performance achieved with this kit exceeds TIA requirements, representing a cost-effective, high quality cleaving solution for users without having to use a microscope to verify the cleave.  

Belden designs, manufactures and markets cable, connectivity and networking products for industrial automation, enterprise, transportation, infrastructure and consumer electronics markets. 

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