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Infinity flexible automation cables available from Belden

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Belden’s  Infinity is a complete line of control, data, video and power cables specifically designed to handle the rigorous speeds and near-constant motion encountered in automated equipment such as robots, pick and place machines, automatic handling systems, multi-axis machine tools and conveyor systems.

The product series includes the following cable types:

CTC+ - The C-TC+ series is designed for C-track and extreme flex applications up to 9 million flex cycles (based on proper installation techniques in a C-track cable guide). This series utilizes super fine stranding and tight lay lengths allowed by UL, providing better flex life.

FCC - The FCC series is a cost effective alternative for C-track and moderate flexing applications rated up to 1 million flex cycles (based on proper installation techniques in a C-track cable guide).

Flex Data Cables - These cables are designed for industrial applications where precise data transmission is combined with high-flexing. They are suitable for effective operation of computer controlled equipment or other automated production processes, even in harsh environments.

Flex Vision - These continuous flex video cables are designed specifically for machine vision applications. They are suitable for motion-controlled video and inspection and measurement equipment.

Belden Infinity Cable – Features and benefits

Key cable attributes:

  • Reduced cable memory – Belden Infinity’s unique design and neutralised cabling, results in cables that are relaxed, with almost no memory
  • Better flex life – Good flexibility means that these cables are able to handle the vigorous motions and high speeds encountered in automated equipment
  • Better system uptime – Belden combined specialised manufacturing techniques with precision copper stranding and rugged insulation and jacketing compounds to maximise the cables’ flex life and reliability
  • No talc problems – Unlike the potentially harmful talc used in other cables, Belden’s inert, non-irritating slipper compound facilitates flexing and also complies with OSHA regulations. It is safer for employees and operators and is less likely to contaminate solder joints or mechanical compounds
  • CE conformity – All Belden Infinity cables are CE marked per the Conformite Europeenne low voltage directive, allowing European market access
  • Custom designs – Options are available

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