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Industrial HiVision Network visualisation software from Belden Australia

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Belden Australia  presents the latest version of the Industrial HiVision Network, a visualisation software suitable for auditing and monitoring network connections and throughputs.

Allowing users to have real-time feedback from multiple switches regarding the network and link status, Industrial HiVision features a GUI that illustrates the network while providing network statistics including bandwidth utilisation and live/lost links. The application is compatible with most brands of managed Ethernet devices that have an IP address.

Industrial HiVision v4.0 software delivers several capabilities including integration of third-party devices, enhanced auto-topology discovery and the MultiConfig feature.

Integration of third-party devices

Industrial HiVision v4.0 simplifies the task of integrating any manageable third-party products for network administrators. All managed products offer a standard feature set, which can be supervised. Additionally, options such as device-specific functions, status propagation and long term history can be made available using the standard intuitive interface.

Enhanced auto-topology discovery

Industrial HiVision detects unmanaged switches and hubs, displaying their position within the network topology. The software also determines the network topology of devices located behind a router, resulting in a high level of topology detail.


The MultiConfig feature allows the user to configure the same parameters across multiple devices simultaneously, while also showing any inconsistency between parameter configurations. The feature works across different types of devices, where those devices have parameters in common.

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