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Industrial Ethernet cabling solutions from Belden

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Industrial Ethernet deployment has reached far beyond merely connecting workstations and consoles.

In today’s industrial networks, data transmission cables are used throughout the manufacturing or processing plant – often in extremely harsh and sometimes hazardous environments.

In industrial plants, Ethernet cables and connectivity are typically used to carry signals between controllers or controllers to devices to make events happen deterministically or on a pre-defined schedule. Timing is key – with little or no margin of error.

Clearly, few networking applications are more critical and demanding than industrial sites where data transmission errors or failure can lead to unsafe conditions, interruption of critical industrial automation and control functions, lost data and costly downtime.

That’s why specifying a robust cabling infrastructure capable of supporting Industrial Ethernet is of importance. Belden offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Ethernet cabling solutions, all specifically engineered and ruggedly constructed to ensure optimum network performance and uptime, even in harsh settings.

All of Belden’s Industrial Ethernet cables/connectivity products are built to withstand the entire spectrum of environmental and mechanical hazards – from temperature extremes and sunlight, to solvents, oils, chemicals and moisture. Lines of TrayOptic and FiberExpress optical fiber cables and FiberExpress optical fiber connectivity are available from Belden.

Belden’s DataTuff line of copper-based cables and connectivity are suitable for Industrial Ethernet application and the following protocols:

  • ProfiNet - Custom designs only
  • Fieldbus HSE
  • VNet/IP
  • CC-Link IE
  • Ethernet/IP

Belden optical fiber solutions for Industrial Ethernet

TrayOptic and FiberExpress Optical Fiber Cables

Belden offers heavy-duty TrayOptic Indoor/Outdoor laser-optimised cables in 2- to 72-fiber constructions. The Laser Optimised Fibre is designed to handle Gigabit Ethernet light sources and expanded bandwidth requirements.

Belden also offer Tight-buffered single-mode or multimode FiberExpress cables in 2- or 6-fiber construction.

TrayOptic Series Heavy-Duty, All Dielectric Optical Fiber Cables, Fiber Type: 62.5/125 micron, Aramid Yarn Strength Member, Jacket Color: Orange.

Riser Rated: NEC/CEC OFNR/OFN FT4. Flame Resistance: IEEE1202/383-2003

Belden copper-based solutions for Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet Category Cables – Features and benefits

Belden Industrial Ethernet cables are a good choice for signal transmission integrity and reliable electrical performance. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Ethernet cabling, Belden’s Category 6, Enhanced Cat 5e and Cat 5e copper-based cables are built Belden-tough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions and mechanical stresses typically present in industrial factories and plants.

Belden’s industrial-grade cables provide more stable electrical performance with less attenuation and better resistance to EMI/RFI. In addition, tests have proven that Belden’s Industrial Ethernet cables offer the following:

  • Protection against penetration and degradation by solvents, oils, chemicals and moisture
  • Resistance to UV radiation and temperature variations
  • Better mechanical stability to withstand pulling forces, abrasion, crushing, cut-through and burial
  • MSHA mining approval
  • Red jackets designating safety network

Many versions of DataTuff cables feature Belden’s Bonded-Pair technology. This construction feature affixes the conductor insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes to ensure that no performance-robbing gaps can develop between the conductor pairs.

As a result, the conductor-to-conductor spacing or concentricity is always uniform, this, in turn, ensures consistently reliable electrical performance, even after the rigors of installation. Belden calls this unique capability Installable Performance.

DataTuff Category 6, Enhanced 5e and 5e Cables

  • Unshielded and shielded Bonded-Pair cables with heavy-duty, oil- and UV-resistant jackets; many are Ethernet/IP compliant; upjacketed and armoured versions are available for extreme areas

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