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Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords from Belden Australia

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Available now from Belden Australia , Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords provide the interface between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), processors, industrial computers, and other intelligent devices.

Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords come in a variety of connector configurations and cable options and can have devices connected from the factory floor to the office.

Industrial manufacturers have faced enormous challenges implementing communication networks that bridge computer-based control systems with associated production lines. Today there are numerous bus systems that provide the technical solution to this problem but none offer the value advantages that Ethernet does.

Prior to the advent of industrial Ethernet (standardised Ethernet communications via hardened networking infrastructure), office grade Ethernet cabling and connectors were the only available options. Unfortunately, these traditional media solutions proved incapable of withstanding the harsh environments found in factories, process plants and a variety of other applications.

Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cordsets and patch cords from Belden eliminate these issues by combining a high-end, chemical and temperature resistant cable with RJ45 connection technology and the proven industrial Micro (M12) connection technology typically found in sensor/actuator machine applications.

Standard combinations include:

  • RJ45 to RJ45
  • RJ45 to Micro (M12)
  • Micro (M12) to Micro (M12)
  • RJ45 to Micro (M12) Panel Mount Receptacle.
The Hirschmann industrial Ethernet cable itself is designed for maximum durability. Belden chose the finest technology on the market for their products, that being Bonded-Pair technology. This is a patented technology that ensures that Hirschmann media is the most rugged and dependable product available. A wide variety of cable and jacket construction is also available, including:
  • copper 2- and 4-pair, 24 AWG Bonded-Pairs
  • stranded construction
  • polyolefin insulation
  • PVC or ultra-rugged TPE jackets.
Bonded-Pair technology was developed to ensure superior electrical performance in twisted pair Ethernet cable installations. This design physically bonds the individual insulated conductors together along their longitudinal axes which assures uniform conductor–to–conductor spacing and electrical integrity.

Bonded-Pair technology offers several benefits and advantages. Firstly, Bonded-Pairs are less susceptible to noise. Cables with non Bonded-Pairs tend to separate due to movement during installation, flexing or handling. Each pair can be pictured as an antenna that can receive or transmit signals. Variations in non bonded conductor-to-conductor spacing are cumulative and result in susceptibility to EMI and RFI that degrades signal transmission and network performance.

Additionally, the cable will emit more noise that can adversely affect surrounding instrumentation. Bonded-Pairs lock conductor-to-conductor spacing in place.

Secondly, Bonded-Pairs improve impedance and return loss performance. Impedance irregularities, due to non bonded-pair separation, cause signal reflections (return loss). Any impedance variation is cumulative along the length of the cable. Bonded-Pairs maintain conductor-to-conductor spacing, thus improving impedance stability and return loss performance.

Thirdly, Bonded-Pairs minimise pair-to-pair crosstalk. All twisted pair Ethernet cables have crosstalk or pair-topair coupling. Each pair has different twists/inch (lay length) to minimise crosstalk. Lay length variation can increase the crosstalk that is cumulative down the length of the cable. Bonded- Pairs reduce crosstalk by minimising lay length variation.

A fourth benefit is improved termination quality. Bonded-Pairs maintain the electrical characteristics all the way into the connector. Bonded-Pairs increase installation consistency and signal integrity while reducing maintenance calls.

And lastly, Bonded-Pairs offer superior mechanical robustness. Bonded- Pairs improve the pulling strength of a cable by up to 60% over non-bonded designs by equalising the tension on each conductor. This is especially critical during the installation process, flexing or handling where the conductors may be severed due to the pulling forces.

Hirschmann by Belden is the first to offer high flex industrial Ethernet cordsets with Bonded-Pairs and warranty them to no less than 10 million flex cycles @ 20X OD and 1M flex cycles @ 10X OD.

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