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High strength fibre optic cable

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article image Belden’s high strength fibre optic cable.

BELDEN Australia has designed and manufactured a sophisticated fibre optic cable for Nextgen Networks that can withstand extremely harsh climatic environments and provide reliable transmission for telecommunications carriers.

In northern New South Wales and south-west Queensland, more than 500km of BOS High Strength (HS1) fibre optic cable has been installed in areas with expansive soils.

When these black clay soils dry out, which results in huge cracks in the soil, cables with a standard design may stretch, split, snap and twist, which can expose or damage the fibres and hence affect signal transmission.

The BOS High Strength (HS1) cable is extremely robust and resists strong lateral movements of soil, by being able to move with soil displacement and hold its overall shape.

Anthony Mamo, marketing engineer with Belden, said other features of the HS1 cable were that its outer jacket would withstand continual attack by termites, was resistant to rodents and impervious to all weather conditions including hot and tropical, and freezing cold.

"It is also non metallic, which makes it non conductive and immune to electromagnetic interference, short circuiting and electrical surges.

"The cable's inherent strength comes from a special high density polyethylene sheath that surrounds the tubes. In fact, it is substantially stronger than corrugated steel tape armoured cable," he said.

A further highlight in the design of the cable for Nextgen is that the fibre used is the latest G655 type, also known as non-zero dispersion shifted fibre.

Each strand of fibre has the capacity of transmitting 1000Gb/s, which is 100 times the bandwidth of the standard fibre type.

Belden's state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and testing facilities in Tottenham, Melbourne can develop any fibre or metallic-based cable for virtually any data or communications applications.

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