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Bonded pair proves superior technology

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article image Belden's twisted pair aerial cable provides broadband connection for homes and businesses as part of the TransACT network.

TRANSACT Communications, recently announced as the Broadband Retail Carrier of the Year, with its advanced deep fibre optic network, chose Belden copper bonded pair technology for the 'lead-in' cables that provide connection from the street to the home.

The network, with completely new infrastructure, will continue to be rolled out across the Australian Capital Territory over the next year with around fifty per cent of all homes and most business areas in Canberra now able to connect to the TransACT network.

The network currently provides a full range of world-class communication services, including video on demand; permanent high speed connections to the Internet; free-to-air and pay television services; and mobile and fixed line telephone services.

Senior network specialist for TransACT, Bob Ecclestone, said Belden's Category 5e cable offered benefits not available with other Cat 5e cable.

"It was Belden's bonded pair technology that won through. Pricewise there wasn't that much difference between the three tenderers.

“The Belden technology assured us that even after installation, when the cable can be subject to extensive pulling and bending, performance will not be degraded or compromised," Mr Ecclestone said.

"The copper segment of the connection to the user is no more than 300 metres and we felt that Belden's bonded pair technology gave us that little bit of an edge.

"Another factor that was important to us in selecting a supplier, was that Belden cable is made in Australia, while the others are produced offshore. This keeps the jobs local," he added.

To date, more than 200 kilometres of aerial and underground cables, comprising 4-pair and 12-pair types, have been installed. This is expected to increase considerably over the next twelve months as the network expands and more customers are connected.

Belden's patented bonded pair technology ensures twisted pairs will not loosen during manufacture, while being wound on or off reels or during installation, which means pair twists are maintained to the connection point.

It also ensures uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing and uniform tension on conductors, thereby producing a more robust cable with increased pulling tensions and a smaller bending radius.

According to Anthony Mamo, marketing engineer at Belden, 'installable performance' is a term increasingly being used by end users and installers who want a guaranteed level of operational performance.

"If twisted pair cable separates there is a high probability that the electrical parameters of the cable will fail, which results in a non-conforming installation.

“This causes frustration for everyone, delays completion and increases costs, especially if the cable has to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for many installers," Mr Mamo said.

Industry studies show most cable manufacturers operate to a 3-Sigma or 4-Sigma quality level, which is equivalent to approximately 66 defective reels out of every 1000.

Belden operates to, and exceeds, a 5-Sigma quality standard for its bonded pair technology, which is almost 27 times better than 4-Sigma and more than 287 times better than 3-Sigma.

The number of homes and businesses connecting to TransACT's broadband services in Canberra is around ten times the national average, which demonstrates a real demand for the type of high quality broadband services that TransACT offers.

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