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BELDEN Australia P/L ’s Bonded-Pair Cables are the best performing UTP cables in the industry, according to the company. They exceed the full range of performance criteria, both electrical and physical, and set a whole new precedent for cabling with confidence.

An ever-increasing number of applications requiring optimum performance at high frequencies can now be cabled with the assurance that users' needs will be accommodated easily, economically, and with the future in mind.

Installable Performance

Belden DataTwist 350 Cables provide the user with superior electrical performance both "on-the-reel" and in use. Belden Australia P/L ensures that its Bonded-Pair networking cables provide the ultimate goal- superior installable performance- by using a patented design. An ideal pair is comprised of two perfectly balanced insulated conductors that are mirror images of each other.

To achieve this balance, the center-to-center distance, or centricity, between the copper conductors of DataTwist 350 Bonded-Pairs remains fixed and constant along the length of the cable. Centricity helps ensure the signal does not radiate or bleed off the Bonded-Pair and the pair cancels out incoming noise.

Installation Benefits

Typically, when cables are installed they are pulled on, bent around corners, and may kink when coming off the reel. All of these factors can change the physical properties of the cable, which in turn can degrade the cable’s electrical performance.

In order to demonstrate the effects a typical installation can have on cable, Belden Australia P/L selected several industry-leading unbonded-pair Category 5e cables and subjected them to an Installation Stress Test. Belden then conducted the same tests on its DataTwist 350 Bonded-Pair cables.

The RL (Return Loss) values of the Category 5e Belden Bonded- Pair cable (DataTwist 350) vs. a leading industry 350 MHz Category 5e cable- both before and after installation- show that the unbonded-pair cable's RL degraded by more than12dB, or more than 15 times their before-installation values. Belden's Bonded-Pair cables exhibited little change in RL performance.

Less Time Spent on Troubleshooting and Rework

Belden Australia P/L surveyed a large number of contractors nationwide regarding their installation experiences with unbonded- and Bonded-Pair cables. Results showed Belden Bonded-Pair cables are more resistant to the effects of installation and termination-related field test failures when compared to unbonded-pair cables.

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